Holidays are tough for single parents and I am sure they are just as rough for the children. This Thanksgiving was celebrated on Friday with a full house. My parents enjoyed the company of my brother, his wife and their four children, me and my two children.

Trying to get them to eat can be tough. My son really likes to eat, but this particular meal he had a few bites and said he couldn’t eat any more because he was full. My daughter has always had a rough time eating a good size meal, so this was no different. I would think, however, at the age of 4, she wouldn’t be hiding underneath the table because she’s (possibly) embarrassed that she’s not listening and not eating.

Some days are better than others. But disciplining is very difficult.

I love my kids and want nothing more than for them to grow up being respectful to those in charge. The other day, I sat down with my daughter and explained to her that I don’t enjoy spanking either of them. The longer our conversation went, the less the tears flowed and the more tight hugs I received from her. I also explained that I’m new to being a daddy, not to mention being a single daddy, but that she needed to be patient with me.

All that to say … I am very thankful for my children and love getting to be with them and help them grow.

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