Wind-up Knight is a platform game that is slowly and steadily gaining popularity in the world of mobile gaming. Released last year, this game has climbed up into a four to five star rating app in leading multiple mobile operating systems. The application highly reflects its developer’s core concept in making games-to combine basic yet fun objectives with challenging and complicated content. Robot Invader Incorporated, or more commonly known as Robot Invader, is the company behind the game’s success. Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, this company has started a few years back and is thus very familiar when it comes to the game development industry.

Game Requirements

Unlike other popular applications, Wind-up Knight started out in the Android world first before being release on Apple’s iOS first. The Android version was released on August, 2011 and can run on devices with Gingerbread version 2.2 which is a good thing since it can ideally run on a wide range of android devices. But, since the game is still at its early stage, it has a lot of bugs to fix and there is currently a line-up of android devices having some problems with the game. The iOS version of the game was released on December of 2011 and runs on IOS 4.0 onwards. On iOS, the game can only run on iPhone 3GS onwards and iPod Touch 3rd generation onwards.


The gameplay of Wind-up Knight is also the game’s big plus. The fairly simple control and game concept made it a big hit to gamers. The game starts on a simple tutorial that can be easily understood by anyone. The first few stages will slowly introduce the whole gameplay to players as every stage introduces new skills for the knight. The objective of this side-scrolling platform is to guide the knight through each level by jumping, slashing, and rolling. This might sound boring but the game actually requires good reflexes and high level of concentration thus making it very challenging

Game Time

Although the gameplay is simple, it’s not too simple for gamers to get easily bored with. Every progressing stage becomes more challenging as overcoming the obstacles requires precise timing. If you fail, the knight needs to start at the very beginning of the stage. This can be very nerve wracking especially if your knight could almost feel the flag in his armor plated hands. The game has a one hit system so being hit by an oversized chicken or thorns that spring up out of nowhere is enough to send you back to the start. Combining these with the fact that the game offers 50 stages ensures a long lasting relationship with your knight.


For a pioneer release, Robot Invader shouldn’t be denied the pat on the back for creating such a game. Wind-up Knight is very entertaining even in long periods of play. And the level of concentration that the game demands will really get anyone hooked on this app easily. No doubt the game is worth the money. But looking at the technical side, developer needs to work harder on making the app bug free. They should’ve spent more time in beta testing before releasing the game to avoid disappointing buyers. After all, a great game is useless if it can’t run properly and support is not provided right away.

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