The Victorinox 56011 Red Classical knife is one of the best tools to carry around. Swiss Army knives have a good reputation and they are widely used all over the world. This model is designed with a small knife, tweezers, a screwdriver, a nail file, and a pair of scissors. The knife is small enough to fit in a pocket without bulging. It is also light enough to be carried around without causing any discomfort.

Application and Size

It can be used as a key holder, to open screws, to open gift boxes and a couple of other uses. The Victorinox 56011 knife is one of the best Swiss Army models.  It comes in red color and a white Swiss Army logo. One word to define the knife is compact because of its small size and the number of tools it has.

The knife measures two and a half inches long and one inch wide. Weighing only three Ounces, it becomes very portable and handy.


The 56011 model comes from a long lineage of high standards, just as other Swiss Army products. Most of the people owning Swiss Army knives keep them for as many as ten years without registering any flaws or destruction of the product. It is possible to use the knife to do rough work and it will still retain its strength and shape. The plastic casings on either side of the knife are strong enough to withstand pressure and won’t easily break.



The knife is small enough to be carried in the pocket and is more of a tool than a weapon. It features a nail file that has a screwdriver edge. The Tweezers come in handy when opening up small electronics or when dealing with such other equipment. The Victorinox knife even has a toothpick that is very useful in case of emergencies.


The knife is relatively small and it may not be used when dealing with large equipment. The knife cannot really be used as a tool in handling repair or maintenance works because it is more of a toy or a trinket.


The value of the 56011 depends much on the intended use. For its price, it is relatively valuable as a gift or a souvenir. However, it cannot really be relied on as a tool in repair or maintenance tasks.

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