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Are you a brand or agency looking for content creators and influencers for your next campaign? I am an experienced blogger, videographer and photographer that can help you create great content!

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I bring a unique combination of 20+ years of technology and 15+ years of digital marketing experience to the table.

My dad gave me some great advice right before I graduated from high school. He said, “Son, it doesn’t matter WHAT you do. All that matters is that you enjoy doing it.”

At 18 years old, I wasn’t able to fully comprehend what that meant, but I would figure it out in the coming years as I pursued my never straight-line career path.

I’ve found what I love – specifically the intersection of travel and technology. Professionally, I am a technologist at heart. Personally, I just can’t stop thinking about planning my next trip. That makes for a pretty powerful combination if you’re in the market for a content creator or influencer to participate in your campaign.

GoPro Hero with Mic Setup

World Traveler. Digital Mindset.

Chichen Itza Yucatan MX

Hire the right content creator.

Hire for experience. Hire for passion.

I’ve been in digital marketing leadership roles now for nearly a decade. I’ve hired professionals of all types – from social media to marketing technology.

In my experience, the best type of person to hire is passionate about what they do. They have a willingness to learn. In fact, they actively seek learning in their area of expertise.

The ultimate hire is known as the “unicorn”. Finding a unicorn means you’ve not only found someone that is passionate about what they do, but they also possess an expertise in the field as well.

If you choose to hire me for your upcoming influencer campaign or content project, you’d be hiring someone that has a deep passion for and experience in digital marketing and content creation.

Stonehenge Salisbury England Copyright Daniel Ruyter
Salisbury England Gate Copyright Daniel Ruyter
Salisbury Cathedral Copyright Daniel Ruyter
National Monument Cork Ireland Copyright Daniel Ruyter

Video killed the radio star.

Video also works exceptionally well in marketing, too. And it just so happens that I have a passion for making video.

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