Wine drinking becomes a whole lot easier when you have your own personal sommelier to carry around with you in your pocket (you can even fool your friends into thinking you’re a wine expert).  With thousands of wine selections to choose from, sometimes the choices become a bit overwhelming.  These top five wine pairing apps work for both the Apple and Android mobile devices and help to take the guesswork out of choosing a wine whether you are dining out, hunting something for a special occasion or looking for a particular flavor.

Hello Vino – Free

Hello Vino allows you to match wine flavors by region, to different food selections, occasions or by taste.  It’s easy to use and even allows you to share your selections with your online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.  Best of all, this is one of the best free wine pairing apps available on the market as attested by thousands of users and regular updates to keep it fresh.

Pair It! – $4.99

Pair It! is the favorite food and wine app for many from the renowned chef and wine expert Bruce Rizenman.  Chef Bruce not only knows food but he knows wine and he brought it all together by developing this easy to use app.  Use it in restaurants to get the best wine selections for your fine dining experience.  The app offers a database of more than 20,000 matches, 180 varietals and over 1,000 food items.  You can make your choices by matching to dishes, the wine, choosing a “Chef Bruce’s pick” or use the wine choice slot machine.  The regularly updated app gives new flavor descriptions, suggestions and tips.

The Wine Ratings Guide – $3.99

The Wine Ratings Guide app has one of the world’s largest wine databases, with over 2 million wine ratings.  Use this app to access wine names, ratings, pairing recommendations, flavor profiles and prices for use in restaurants, wine bars and stores.  The app is fast and powerful, making it easy to get your selections fast especially while dining out.  You can also rate wines you’ve tried and create your own personal ratings list for future wine selections, so you never have to forget a great wine again or buy one you didn’t like.

Wine to Match – $0.99

Another great but unique wine pairing app is Wine to Match.  It allows you to make selections by food main flavor such as beef, chicken, veggie, etc., type of cuisine or cooking method such as grilled, baked, etc., which is a little different from other apps.  You can also select by the type of wine you like and decide what to make or order from your wine selection.

Natalie MacLean Wine Picks – Free

The wine expert Natalie MacLean offers a great free wine-pairing app that pairs wines with food, gives wine scorings, prices, recipes and wine tasting notes for over 150,000 wines.  This fun app also has a bottle bar code scanning option for wine store shopping, just scan the code and you will soon have all the wine details readily available.  The Natalie MacLean app also has a virtual wine cellar when you can add your wines and tasting notes.  Use the social connection to share your favorite wines and pairing choices with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Whether you are an Apple or Android lover makes no difference with these five great wine pairing apps because they work for either mobile device.  Next time you’re at a restaurant where the waiter seems a little lacking on wine knowledge, don’t settle, check with your personal sommelier who’s always available right at your fingertips.

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