You know here at Memoirs of a Single Dad we’re obviously single-parent friendly. Actually, we’re all-parent friendly because we know just how challenging it can be to be a parent! We want you to know that we’ve got your back as a single parent, so it only seemed natural for us to brag about how awesome single moms are in our latest reasons to date a single mom post. When you’re juggling all of life’s complexities and you add dating to the mix – woah, watch out. It can be a huge challenge for even the most capable of us.

But it’s not impossible and we can be successful as single parents and as singles.

Of course, as a single parent and writer, I feel that it’s my job to inform the general populous about the awesome side to dating single parents. There are some distinct advantages to dating us, you know, so I’ve come up with a Top Five list – the Top 5 Reasons to Date a Single Mom for the fellas. Live ’em. Learn ’em. Don’t be afraid to date a single mom. I fell in love with one, after all!

1. Single moms are strong, independent and organized.

They have to be: when they’re not making sure the kids have their lunches, homework and sports equipment ready for school the next day, they’re holding down jobs, sorting out the car, dealing with house maintenance, or planning a weekend sleepover. You go, single mom.

2. Single moms are sexy.

They know what they want, and what they don’t, and they won’t be afraid to tell you. They’ve gone way past the “party girl” stage and are ready to commit to the long-term. You’ll always know where you are with them.

3. Single moms are appreciative.

They’ll be charmed by small gestures and be thrilled by an evening in adult company, with grown-up conversation. They know what the important things in life are, and they’re less likely to be impressed with flashiness and more likely to be impressed by the things that matter, like kindness and sincerity.

4. Single moms have the world’s best sense of humor.

You can’t be around kids for very long without laughing at some of their antics or the comments they come out with. Single moms will probably even laugh at your jokes.

5. Single moms are sincere.

No loving mom would compromise the happiness of her children, so she’s paying you a huge compliment by simply accepting your invitation to date. That means she likes you for who you genuinely are – a great foundation for a long-lasting, loving relationship.

And just in case you need a 6th reason – single moms are also great at dishing up comfort food!

Do you have any reasons you’d include as well? If so, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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