Top 10 Things I Learned at #FLBlogCon 2015

Sep 27, 2015Blogging & Content


Yesterday was my very first #FLBlogCon conference and I have to say, it was a success! #FLBlogCon is a yearly blogger conference in Orlando, Florida put on by the team. I had a great time at the local blogger’s conference and wanted to share a few key learnings that I took away from the sessions, keynotes and connections I made. Here’s a list of the top 10 things I learned at this year’s #FLBlogCon:

#10 – The Full Sail Campus is pretty awesome.

I’ve lived in Orlando since 1996. Full Sail has changed a lot over the years and the campus has one aspect that has visibly changed the most since I first arrived. If you have never been, I encourage you to visit the campus and even go on a campus tour sometime!

#9 – I have a new respect for Ford.

I love it when brands engage actively with bloggers. I think it shows their forward-thinking mindset. Ford and Southern Ford Dealers were one of the title sponsors for the FLBlogCon 2015 conference and I think that shows us bloggers how awesome they are as a brand. Combine that with their recent #ExploreMore project and Ford stands out as a clear blogger-friendly brand.

#8 Florida Dairy Farmers had the friendliest booth.

I’ve seen Florida Dairy Farmers’ name pop up at a few blogger-related events here locally in Orlando. They had a booth inside the lounge at FLBlogCon. Don’t get me wrong, all the vendors and brands were super nice, but the ladies at Florida Dairy Farmers were super nice, and they had cookies & milk, too!

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#7 Putting on a conference is a lot of work (and stress)!

I have a lot of respect for Bess Auer and her planning group! I can clearly tell after attending the conference that it’s a LOT of work, before, during and after. It wasn’t perfect (what conference is?) but overall I’d call it a huge success!

#6 Tijuana Flats catering crew are rock stars!

Tijuana Flats served tacos for lunch for the attendees of FLBlogCon. The food was awesome and the guys and ladies in the tent serving us were super good sports. It as 90+ degrees in the shade, but they never missed a step. Way to go, Tijuana Flats! (P.S thank you for updating your website, too!)

#5 Presenting at conferences can be very intimidating.

I didn’t present, but I respect all the presenters at the conference. I can tell it was a first for a few, but everyone did a great job, considering they were up on stage, often in front of hundreds of bloggers! I have a lot of respect for those brave enough to get up there and tell us what they know about blogging!

#4 A 45 minute presentation goes by fast!

In the theme of presenting, I quickly came to realize, as did many of the presenters I think, that presenting for 45 minutes may seem like a lot of time, but once you get into it, it goes by very quickly! Especially when you’re talking about topics like monetizing your blog, social media sharing tactics and other complex ideas, 45 minutes isn’t long. I think everyone did a great job but I’d love to see more time for breakout sessions next year to dig even deeper.

#3 A wide variety of bloggers attended FLBlogCon15.

I was happy but also surprised to see such a diverse group in attendance at this years’ conference! Almost every major niche was represented by at least a handful of bloggers. I also saw experience levels ranging from super newbie (as in, they didn’t have a blog YET) to pro bloggers. It was awesome to see such a diverse mix!

#2 Don’t forget your smart phone for FLBlogCon16!

A huge number of bloggers were very active during the conference this year. From live Tweeting to Meerkat and Periscope, bloggers were interacting as the day progressed on nearly every social channel available. I was able to connect with a few bloggers in person, but even more bloggers via Twitter and Instagram during the course of the day. A smart phone (with a fully-charged battery) is a must for next year, for sure!

#1 The connections made at FLBlogCon matter most.

Really and truly I believe this. I enjoyed everything about the conference, from the UNkeynote opening to the sessions to the blogger lounge and vendors. However, what stands out the most to me are the individuals that I met during the course of the day! I’ve already reached out via email to many of them and truly hope to connect even deeper over the course of the next few months. I appreciate everyone that said “hi” and offered up an inviting smile and conversation!


What do you think?

Did you attend FLBlogCon 2015? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the conference as well! Have you ever been to a conference for bloggers? Please leave a comment below or feel free to contact me with your thoughts.

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