Digital Strategy is for Lovers (of marketing)

Apr 27, 2015Marketing Strategy


Everyone has something that get’s their juices flowin’. For me, it’s most definitely digital strategy. I read articles about it. I have water cooler discussions about it. I’ve even dreamt about it before.

I love digital strategy and you should, too.

But for some reason, there are those out there that seem to be almost intimidated by digital strategy. I guess I can understand on some level – I’m not a huge fan of accounting (I love budgets, though) and the thought of getting into a large implementation of a new accounting system makes my skin crawl just a bit. Thought work in general can be tough. You have to make time to take a deep dive on digital projects. You have to think not only about the big picture but also about the details, too.

There’s a lot to love about digital strategy in my opinion. Here are three reasons I can’t help but love it:

21st century marketing often starts and ends with digital strategy.

I recently spent some time planning for my upcoming 2016 digital marketing initiatives. My team and I had built out a huge work breakdown structure (WBS) where we placed all of the work in front of us into the various projects.

Some of the projects were large (I’d say even huge) and some were relatively small. But each and every one of them requires some amount of thought work before they begin (digital strategy) and when completed, they will each be evaluated against how they fit into the overall organization’s digital strategy. 21st century marketing starts and ends with digital strategy and I love it.

Digital strategy is never the same work twice.

Every project is unique. Even within the same industry and with the same tools, digital projects will vary. I love the variety of thought that digital strategy provides. New and challenging situations present themselves every day and they force me to adapt my thinking and approach issues in unique ways and from unique perspective. If you pursue a career in digital strategy, you’re likely to feel challenged and will find the “typical” day to be very a-typical most of the time.

Digital strategy is important and still growing.

Once upon a time (1996), Fortune 500 companies could put up a website that looks like it was designed and built in Microsoft Word. Most sites didn’t really sell anything – they were mostly considered digital brochures that few companies really invested in and even fewer companies put much thought or strategy into.

Flash forward to 2015, where some estimates place values on Internet revenues upwards of $8 trillion (that’s 8,000,000,000,000) or nearly 3% of the world’s total GDP.

What fuels all of that revenue and growth? Strategy!

What do you think?

Do you love or hate digital strategy? What reasons do you have to love it (or hate it)?

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