If you’re a single parent looking for love again – congratulations! It’s great that you feel ready to move on with your life and start dating, but it would nevertheless be wise to be realistic about the fact that dating as a single parent can be somewhat tricky. We’d like to offer up some dating advice for single parents out there to start your new journey out on the right foot.

Ready or not?

As a single parent, there are some things you need to take into consideration. For starters, you need to be absolutely sure that you are truly ready to go out with other people again. If you don’t feel like seeing new people, then don’t. Don’t let anyone put pressure on you. Just wait for the time when you feel right about dating again.

When that time comes, always be mindful of the fact that you are carrying both emotional and physical baggage. Your previous relationship might have ended in a bad way, but it has given you amazing children. In any relationship that you might get into, your top priority should be your children regardless of how you feel about the person you’re currently dating. After all, your children will always be there, for the rest of your life. Realistically speaking, your new date may not.

Talk about your children.

You would also do well to reveal right on your very first date that you are a single parent. Putting out that information up front is good in the sense that you can gauge early on if that would be an issue or not. There are people who can pretend that it’s all right with them, but there’s a chance that they are just being nice, and then there would be no second date. In many cases, it is a non-issue. In fact, your date might even sound interested and will probably ask you about your kids. As you continue seeing each other, only then will you see if he or she was sincere about being okay with you having kids or not.

Be patient.

At the early stage of dating, don’t introduce the person to your kids. Wait until you are certain that the relationship is going to be more serious or long-term. Once you’re reasonably sure about it, you can arrange for them to meet. You should also not have high expectations about your children liking your new lover. In fact, you should be prepared for the possibility that they would not like that new person you’re bringing into their lives. At least not at first. Give them time, and in any case, make sure that you are always on top of things with regards to the relationship between your kids and your lover.

In any new relationship, never forget to factor in your ex. Your ex, after all, is also a parent to your kids. He or she will always be a part of your children’s lives whether you like it or not, and has a say when it comes to the kids dealing with your new lover.

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