A new take on the term "Disney Dad"


I was a single dad for around 5 years before I met JenB. Like most single parents, I tried to balance a career, home life, parenting and dating. It wasn't the easiest part of my life, but I made it through.

In those single dad years, I would purchase Walt Disney World annual passes every year. My son and I would go to the parks in Orlando usually at least once a month. That is, until I heard the term "Disney Dad". From Urban Dictionary, a Disney Dad is defined as this:

A father who doesn't have physical custody of his child. So, to compensate for this, he makes the visitation times with his child all about fun. The child's homework isn't done, there isn't a set bedtime and the child stays up late, the child watches all kinds of inappropriate movies/tv/video games. The father is more like a "friend" that's a bad influence than a parent.

Google's Definition of "Dad" is Wrong

We all use Google to look things up. Well, that's what I did one day when trying to figure out if "Dad" and "Father" meant the same thing.

Go ahead, try it yourself right now. "Okay, Google. What's the definition of dad?"

Google says dad and father are the same thing, but I respectfully disagree.

Here's what I think the real definition of "dad" is and why I think it's time for Google to make a distinction between a "father" and a "dad".

Read my definition and let me know what you think!

Google's Definition of Dad is Wrong

Was I really a Disney Dad?


Sure, I took my son to Disney World on a regular basis and we enjoyed our time together. I grew up in the Midwest and I only got to go to Disney once (when I was 5) until I moved to Florida in 1995. But going to Disney was (and still is) special to us, even though we do it often.

[bctt tweet="Being a #DisneyDad means we make time for fun, for escape and for each other." username="dadtography"]

You call me a Disney Dad like it's a bad thing. Well, it's not. It's a very good thing, actually. And I'm proud to say we're still a Disney Family, too! Being a Disney Dad doesn't mean it's all fun and games. It means we make time for fun, make time to escape and we make time for each other.

What do you think? Are you a "Disney Dad" or is there one in your life?

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