TaylorMade has reputable praises all over the world for its successes in hundreds of tournaments. It is known to be adding feathers to its glowing legacy day in day out. Its designers have put in a lot in terms of innovations as well as quality to assemble a performer. The use of TaylorMade by exceptional professionals is indisputable fact and many more are counting on it to collect medal (and earn bragging rights) with good results.

Design Specs

The R11s comes with an adjustable loft fitted with flight control design for perfect configurations that will surely define a champion. The technology responsible for the flexibility is enhanced by the flexible face angle assisted by sole plate that completes the endeavor. The center of gravity is set by use of flexible weights and in the end; a superb configuration will have been achieved.

The configuration will give a range of up-to 100 yards in all directions with a whopping 1000 revolution per minute of backspin change. The modern aerodynamic shape substantially promotes the R11s’ club-head velocity; hence more distance is often realized.

Application and Uses

For pure ball striker, the R11 driver is the best companion because of its stiff and soft shaft for gaining distance. This is the reason non-pros even prefer the driver so associated with pros. Two cartridges weighing ten grams and one gram helps for adjusting the bias settings accordingly. Sometimes, a four gram and six gram may be used to achieve the best settings

Aesthetic and Visual Enhancements

The aesthetic features include a modern classical club head that is designed optimally to suit the players’ eye with its shape with a confident feeling. The triangular shape is a shift from the common and is important in creating more inertia as well as a lower center of gravity, which translates to more stability. Aiming is greatly enhanced with the driver by the optimum contrast created by the black PVD face and crown color matched to create the effects.



Reduced center of gravity is lowered coupled with the numerous enhancements, it gives an outstanding tool for any performance at any tournament.


The bias settings are not conversant with many players and, as a result, can hamper the performance of a player with no knowledge of the settings.


The performance of the TaylorMade R11s driver is out for everyone to see and has been used over and over again at all levels of play. Is the the best driver TaylorMade makes? We’d stop short of saying that. Is it worth a try? Many golfers think so.

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