I am an introvert. I am not broken.

From kids’ birthday parties and holiday gatherings, to school functions, block parties and just hanging with the neighbors, parents have a lot of socializing to do.

As an introvert, all this talking can be exhausting!

Being honest, I do enjoy people; just not all people, all the time.

I have a need for socialization, like we all do. But I also have a need for solitude and re-charging that non-introverts may not understand.

I can only stand so much time with other people (especially other people’s kids). Once I’ve had my fill, my need to retreat takes over.

Being an introverted dad is tough. I want to be that dad – you know, the outgoing “guy’s guy” that has a million friends and everyone loves him.

But that’s just not who I am and this is my journey of me becoming okay with that fact.

I Wrote a Book!

Dating as a single parent can be tough. I know this firsthand because I was a single dad after my divorce. Whether you’re a single dad, single mom or not single at all, I promise you’ll enjoy reading about my experiences!

Memoirs of a Dating Dad Book Cover

Memoirs of a Dating Dad

This is me.

I am an introverted dad, with an extroverted family.

Not only am I an introverted parent raising an extroverted child, I’m married to a super-extrovert as well. Oh, and throw in a fellow introverted teenager, just for good measure.

All this “chaos” of personalities, and yet, somehow we make it all work.

In this section of Dadtography.com, you’ll find both stories and tips of how I survive being an introverted parent in a world that openly encourages and favors the bold.

Bookmark this page, as it will continue to grow as a hub of both information and stories of being an introverted dad.

“Tales of an Introverted Dad” Blog Post Series

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