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Don’t let all those times people picked on you for loving comic books and video games get you down. In the adult world, geek is chic. SoulGeek aspires to be the premier dating websites for people who embrace geek culture. Whereas such hobbies may have been scoffed at in the past, it’s no longer a shameful thing to love comic books, fantasy novels and anime.

The Money Aspect

Creating an account doesn’t cost any money. Free accounts have access to features such as receiving and responding to messages and playing games. Access to features such as sending messages, talking in the chat room and writing in the forums require you to buy a subscription. A one-time subscription costs $14.99 for the first month and drops down to $9.99 if you decide to continue paying on a monthly schedule. It’s also possible to buy membership for a block number of times but unless you decide to subscribe for a whole year ($95.95) you are better off sticking to the pay-per-month plan.

There was also something about credits. Apparently if you participate enough in the community, it’s possible to gain a free month. I think that’s an excellent way to encourage people to be active members of the community.

Profiles and Matches

I really enjoyed the sign-up process. Instead of filling out mundane fields that are based around the normal questions (although those ones are asked too), you are asked various questions such as: What is your favorite type of fiction; who your favorite character is and why you enjoy all things geek. The light heartened nature to the profile creation made it clear to me that this wasn’t just any dating website. I couldn’t help but smile as I filled out the questions. It became abundantly clear that SoulGeek wants the experience to be fun instead of something that you dread as you open your browser to check your messages.

The layout for the profiles is ascetically pleasing. I found it easy to explore my own page to review everything that I had written. The profiles are organized into the different sections of questions that you filled out when fist signing up for an account. The website requirement to post an actual picture of your face makes it easier to ascertain which accounts are actual users and which ones aren’t.

When searching for a match, all you need to do is check off boxes representing the same questions that you were asked at sign up. The search engine allows you to be as broad or specific as you would like to be when making your search. This feature worked as well as I could tell as I tested it out to see what matches would come up. There doesn’t appear to be an algorithm for matches so using the search engine is your only real option.

Website Usability

Based on what I could tell from my limited free account access, the website seems to be quite stable and thought out. My favorite feature is that the tool bar is easy to understand and all of the tabs work like they are supposed to. Clicking on profiles from the search engine opened them up the way they are supposed to. I really liked that the few ads that were on the website where to the side and not invasive.

It’s difficult for me to know how well the forums or chat works because I wasn’t able to access those sections. However, I do feel comfortable in saying that they likely work well. It’s clear to me from what I could see that the web designers made a strong effort to have a high quality website for its constituents.

I enjoyed poking around SoulGeek with a free account. I can only imagine how much more enjoyable the experience is for those who have access to all the different features. SoulgGeek is a unique dating website for geeks and I think that it pulls off its objectives. As long as they continue to grow and be a fun community, I don’t see this website going offline anytime soon.

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