This is the newest—and quite possibly the toughest—smart phone by Sony, which was released in August 2012.  The Sony Acro S is presently one of Sony’s flagship handsets and this phone runs on a Qualcomm MSM8260 Snapdragon chipset with a dual core 1.5GHz central processor.  However, its best features are its dust-and-water resistance and shock-proofing, which appeals to an active or sporty market.  It’s capacitive touchscreen even works with wet fingers, which cannot be found with other devices (except Go, which is also built by Sony).

Acro S comes in with a 16gb internal memory and its 1gb RAM somehow makes up for its dual core processor.  As a result, is phone is also capable of fast mobile browsing and other processes that require speed.  It also has good quality 12 MP front and 1.3 MP back cameras with different modes and features.  Sony (formerly Sony Ericsson) is known for releasing mid-priced smart phones but this one comes just 3 short months after the Xperia S was sold in the market.


The best feature of this smart phone is no doubt its ability to withstand different weather conditions like rain, snow and even sand.  It can even endure some amount of force and pressure.  You do not have to worry about getting it wet since it may be submerged for up to a meter in water and for thirty minutes.  In other words, the Acro S is perfect for those who are sporty, always on the go and are clumsier than usual.

It is fast for a dual core phone and it has excellent quality display because of its high pixel density.  Its camera captures good photo quality with very little noise as well as HD videos.  It runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich so users can enjoy their choices of applications.  It also looks good and is definitely for people who love boxy and angular phones.  It also has an expandable memory of up to 32gb.

There is very little difference from Xperia S’s user interface and icons displayed are organized.  In addition, gamers will enjoy this phone because it is optimized for use with the Sony PlayStation.  It has better battery life than the Xperia S on standby.  All smart phones of this capability will naturally use up more power than usual feature phones so don’t expect much if you will use applications the whole day.


Although the Sony Xperia Acro S is quite impressive with its water-and-shock proofing capability, it still falls short feature-wise of leading phones in the market like the Samsung Galaxy S III and the IPhone 5.  It could have been a better phone if it was fitted with four cores of processors.

It also has a smaller display than other well-performing smart phones in the market, coming in at 4.3 inches.  Although, others would actually prefer this size, personally, others would much rather have the Acro S with bigger display for better PlayStation experience and picture or video display.

Others think this phone is bulky but that is understandable because of the materials needed to reinforce the body and protect it from outside factors.

This is a unibody phone, which means that you cannot take the battery off and replace it with one that is fully charged, so always bring your charger anywhere you go.


The Sony Xperia Acro S is a good phone that lacks a little oomph with its core processors.  But if you love taking pictures everywhere, this is a sturdy alternative to other smart phones with good performing cameras.  It is tough and stylish.  The Acro S will attract followers more because of its protective features than for any other reason.

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