Then when the snow comes, it’s time to dig out snow suits and pray that they still fit! What luck! Even though you cannot see it in this picture, I grabbed a long yellow cord and looped it through the string on the sled. I wrapped the cord around me and pulled both kids around the house. I only slipped … a lot! The kids enjoyed it, I know I would have.


Parker loves Kenzie a ton. It really shows when I attempt to say I’m leaving with Parker and Parker screams saying, “I can’t leave without my sister!“. Sometimes I wonder, though, how much Kenzie has Parker wrapped around her fingers. At least Parker is being a good brother, as shown in this picture below.


When all else fails, it’s time to be inside. It’s time to use your imagination and play dress up. Who knows, maybe even read through a book or two.


Do your and your family enjoy the winter months and snow like we do? We’d love to see some of the ways you’re having “Snow Much Fun”, too. Why not share a photo with us?

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