Simplicity: The New Web 3.0

Jul 7, 2014Marketing Strategy


Unless your company is everything to everyone, why would you think your website has to be? And yet, it’s a common misconception that leads to the downfall of many companies’ websites.

They try (unsuccessfully) to be everything to everyone. It’s just not possible. Below are a few tips for individuals and teams that will help to ensure your digital strategy is successful.

Limit the Number of Digital Goals

The more things you’re trying to accomplish at once, the less likely that you’ll succeed at doing them. Most companies (or individuals) could easily make a list of goals as long as their arm. A typical corporate digital goal list may look something like this:

  • Customer Acquisition – Acquire X,XXX,XXX new customers.
  • Customer Retention – Realize an XX% increase in repeat customer orders.
  • Customer Education – Provide information on product or service offerings to aid in customer research.
  • Customer Service – Solve customer service issues online.
  • Human Resources Functions – Provide internal HR services to employees.
  • Recruiting – Provide recruiting & talent acquisition services online.
  • Internal Team Member Education – Provide internal training and resources for continuing education online.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Provide resources to government and regulatory bodies for compliance purposes.
  • Satisfy Internal Political Considerations – Ensure Joe over in purchasing is happy with his portion of the corporate website.
  • Community Outreach – Get more involved in the community (and show it off).
  • Community Service – Provide for your local community so that they see your investment in them.
  • Community Education – Provide local or region-specific information to your community (that no one else can or has done).
  • Event Planning – Schedule and host events (and track them online).
  • Event Registration – Keep track of your event attendees online.
  • Social Media Engagement – Weave more of the social world into your digital fabric.
  • Charitable Giving / Fundraising – Show off your generosity and compassion.
  • Digital Payment Acceptance – Let your customers pay you online.
  • Vendor Relationship Management – Manage your vendor relationships online.
  • Vendor Education – Teach vendors how to work with you.
  • Vendor Screening – Figure out which vendors are the best fit for your company.

Did you read the list? I bet you’d like to accomplish many of those goals online, wouldn’t you? Of course! We all would. But all too often, companies, just like individuals, bite off more than they can chew.

What ends up happening? Instead of taking on three or four projects and knocking them out of the park, they take on twelve or fifteen projects and only “sorta” accomplish their goal.

Focus On Your Key Digital Goals

Your company likely focuses on doing one thing, or a few related things, and doing them well. Your website should represent that focus.

Pick your top three goals and focus on them. Iterate change into your digital strategy. Test to see what works best. Perform user testing before rolling out new features to see what helps you sell more effectively. Remember, your website is the front door to your company and should serve a very focused need: to educate your customers (potential & possibly existing) about your company, its products or services and what sets you apart from the competition.

That’s it.

If you’re putting up other information, would the world end if it wasn’t there? Have you even looked at your analytics to see if anyone is reading that content?

Once you’re satisfied that your three core goals are met then pick three more and focus on them. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and say “NO” to website bloat!

Resist the temptation to put “everything” about your company up on your website. The customer and potential customer are only interested in what’s pertinent to them in their decision-making process. The more information you provide them that falls outside of the steps they take in making their decision, the more “noise” you’re introducing and the more likely they are to choose someone else.

Make no mistake about it. Simplicity is the new web 3.0.

What do you think?

I’d love to hear if you agree or disagree. Do you feel companies and individuals are trying to do too much online? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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