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What type of cards am I buying?

I’m primarily interested in purchasing your baseball and football sports cards collections from the 1950’s to 1980. I’m most interested in collections of a few hundred to thousands of cards where the owner is looking to sell “in bulk” and not trying to sell individual cards (singles). I’m looking for mostly ungraded (“raw”) cards, but will consider collections that contain graded or a mix of graded and ungraded.

Who much do I pay for card collections?

I am interested in buying entire collections, which means I’m not looking to pay “top dollar” for cards. Buying entire collections or large lots of cards means that I pay below premium price. If you’re trying to get the most out of your collection, you may be better off selling them individually on a platform such as eBay.

Why am I purchasing sports card collections?

First and foremost, I am a collector myself. I purchase cards and collections that I am personally interested in. Right now, I am not a card “flipper” (purchasing cards to re-sell).

My personal collection consists of “vintage” cards from pre-1980, vintage and modern autograph & patch cards and my favorite teams and players from the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Rays (Wander Franco), Hank Aaron (pre-1980’s) and Justin Fields.

Sports Cards for Sale

Are you in the market to buy sports cards? Whether you’re looking for your personal collection (PC) or as an investment, I have thousands of cards available for sale. Check out a few of the lots I have available.

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