Today is my last day on this earth as a “30-something”. Today I say goodbye to my 30’s. I’m okay with that.

Actually, I remember when I was younger – in my teens or even earlier, I just couldn’t wait to be older.

When I was 10 I couldn’t wait to be 13.

When 13, I couldn’t wait to be 16.

When 16, 18; when 18, 21, etc.

I even remember not waiting until I turned 30 because I always felt older than I was. My logic was that when I turned 30 I’d finally be feel my age.

Well, now I’m almost 40. I’m almost ancient (according to my former 8 year old self). I find myself thinking a lot about being younger. I don’t necessarily wish to be younger but I do realize how foolish I was wishing I were older.

I see myself becoming my father – “the father”. I’m not the boy any more, my sons are the boys. I’m the dad now. My dad is the Grandpa and (great) Grandpa is gone.

Ugh, I really hope this isn’t what a mid-life crisis looks like. Getting all philosophical and stuff. Please tell me it’s not.

How did you feel when you turned 30? Or 40?

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