There seems to be a new trend that is sweeping all over the mobile phone industry today. The bigger the screen size of your phone, the cooler it is. However, there are others who consider this trend as backwards since there was a time when smaller phones were trendy.

Now, we’ve seen these devices evolve from 3.5” all the way up to 4.7” pocket fillers especially when it comes to touch screen phones. The Korean company Samsung has gained confidence in developing this from a mere fad with the first 7” Galaxy Tab into a more permanent trend and decided to test the waters of the 5” phones with the Galaxy Note. The Note is the first five-inch phone, making Samsung the only company to have ventured in this newly found market niche.

Design Review

Although many people consider the Note as a cross between a phone and a tablet, most still categorized it as a phone. This 5.3” Android Gingerbread device is powered by a 1.4 GHZ dual core CPU with a MALI 400 GPU similar, if not identical, to that of a Galaxy S2. It comes with 16 GB up to 32 GB internal storage with the option to expand it as it comes with external storage in the form of a microSd card.

Another feature that makes it unique is the stylus that comes along with it. This draws the boundary in terms of similarity with the S II as the user interface and some applications are already optimized for stylus-use.

Advantages of a 5-inch Device

Consumers have given thumbs up for this device in terms of battery life. This phone comes with a bigger battery allowing it to beat most smart phones. The stylus is also considered as a big plus for this phone. Users can literally use the phone for scribbling and faster note taking. The screen size also means that it can display high resolution pictures and videos, and making browsing a very enjoyable task. Data download speed is very fast for the Note and can probably beat most smart phones to date. On top of that, the 2 MP front facing camera beats every phone out there and is comparable to Samsung’s flagship phone, which is the S III.

The Downside to the Galaxy Note

Considering that it’s something between a phone and a tablet, the specifications for the Samsung Note should be more than that of a “regular” smartphone. So, a quad core CPU would be more appropriate. Benchmarks that measure speed of processing show that there’s a small difference between numbers. But small as they seem, these numbers reflect on start-up time and smoothness of the whole device operation. This can become annoying for those who are very keen on details and would like to see the performances that are at par with the S III. Also, being big is good but only for some people.  The size, which is one of the key features of the Note, is definitely not for everyone and may even be considered by some as very bulky.

The Galaxy Note might not be for everyone but its uniqueness surely attracts equally unique people who want something different. Surprisingly, despite its size, you will find the Note just right for gripping and it is not as heavy as it looks. The screen size can actually facilitate error-free typing. Gaming and watching videos is also excellent for this new breed of phone. All of these features would make anyone consider the Note a primary device. If this phone got more CPU core, it would definitely top people’s list and could possibly even beat Samsung’s best phone in the market.

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