Rust Review - A Game About (Not) Dying

This is a 100% honest, 100% authentic Rust video game review. Dadtography was not compensated in any way for this post.

Rust is a multiplayer survival game available on Steam. This game has tons of possibilities, but still has a ways to go to be a legitimate contender in survival games. It is still in alpha early access, since its release on December 11, 2013, and the developers, Facepunch Studios, are still making updates for it. If you are the kind of person that likes survival, or server multiplayer games, then you should check out Rust, because despite a few downsides, it’s still a pretty cool game.

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Is the game enjoyable / easy to play?

I believe that this game is very fun, but can also be very frustrating at certain times. On most servers, population levels are over 150 people, and just about each and every person on there will kill you without thinking about it. On many attempts, I would be shot in less than ten minutes when all I have is the very basics. There are some lower populated servers, which are easier to start out on from my experience, and the players are usually more friendly. I recommend starting out on a server with less population to get the basics down, then move to the more challenging servers  and try to have some fun.

Unfortunately, when you are killed in this game, you lose all your stuff, which really stinks. I can see and have seen people that have very valuable things, die at the hands of others and lose everything they own. So, this game is very fun, but is frustrating because of how hostile people can be. Another thing that is a downside with my computer is that the graphics aren’t the best. You would have to have a really good computer to run this game at it’s full potential, which is truly amazing. So I would just be aware of the graphics capability of your computer.

Rust: A Game About Not Dying

How are the gaming controls on Rust?

The gaming controls in Rust are relatively easy for basic actions. You use WASD to move around and left click for most actions. It took me personally a little while to learn how to open my Inventory with tab, and do things like interact with objects. The controls to the game are easy for me, and come naturally after playing for a while. For some things though, I couldn’t use the trackpad easily, like when trying to hold the right mouse button and click the left mouse button at the same time. For most people that are interested in playing this game, I recommend using a mouse, because it makes aspect of the game easier.

Bottom line – is it worth the money?

Yes, I think that this game is very much worth the $19.99 US dollars I paid to play it. Overall, it is a really fun game and has endless possibilities. You can build just about anything you want, in terms of shelter, and can make really awesome weapons and guns. It also has a really cool aspect of exploration, where you can explore abandoned Rad-Towns and military bases, along with the frozen tundra and forests galore.

Final Thoughts on the Rust Game

So, to wrap it up, Rust is a really cool game, and despite it’s harsh qualities, I think it is a really good game at heart.If I had to buy this game again, knowing what I know now, I definitely would, because this is a really great game. I think that if any of you guys are interested in the game, you should check Rust out on Steam, and tell me if you like it

What do you think? Have you played the game Rust? What did you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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