Review: Jedi Training Academy at Disney's Hollywood Studios

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The Jedi Training Academy is a 20 minute interactive show performed with both cast member Star Wars characters as well as park attendees as Jedi Padawan learners (Younglings) in the Star Wars portion of Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, FL.

My 6 year old son recently participated in the Jedi Training Academy show for the first time. We had been to Hollywood Studios dozens of times, but never entered the show, partly because of the popularity and difficulty enrolling (more below on this).

What is the theme of the current Jedi Training Academy at Hollywood Studios?

The current show is titled, "Trials of the Temple", where Padawan volunteers are enlisted to face their fears and the Dark Side of the force on a stage that appears to look like a Jedi temple. The set has been re-designed from the previous look and feel of the Endor shield generator bunker from Star Wars Episode VI, Return of the Jedi. The show is staged in the shadows of the Imperial Walker, located next to the also redesigned Star Tours ride.

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What is the age limit for Jedi Training?

There is a specifically stated age limit for participating in the show from 4 to 12 years old. This fact is buried a bit in the Disney Website page dedicated to the training and is only displayed when you click to learn more information. The main page indicates the age of interest is from preschoolers up to around tweens.

The show is definitely intended for a primary / elementary school-aged children from approximately 6 years old up to 10 years old.

Jedi Training - Imperial Walker

What times of day are the shows offered?

Specific times vary by day, but typically the show is given multiple times throughout the day, usually at 10 and 40 minutes after each hour, beginning at 10am until around 7pm, depending on what the park hours are for that day. Be sure to check the official site for show time offerings and the theme park calendar for park opening and closing times.

Also, don't forget that the show is conducted outdoors and is subject to cancelation based on weather.

How do you sign up for the Jedi Training Academy?

The Jedi Training show is an extremely popular attraction at the resurgent Hollywood Studios park. Registration for each show is required prior to the show's scheduled time and they all fill up very quickly in the morning. Don't expect to be able to register for an afternoon show in the afternoon. If you plan to participate, be sure to make the registration desk your first stop after you enter the park for the day.

Registration for training must be made at the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost (see photos), not far from where the shows are conducted. Show registrations open when the park opens and participants must be present when registering - in other words, parents must bring their children with them when they register.

What are some Jedi Training Academy unofficial tips and FAQ?

We've visited Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando dozens of times. The following are things we've learned over the past few years of being annual pass-holders.

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Video: Jedi Training with Darth Vader and the Seventh Sister

Jedi Training Academy Photo Gallery

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