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Once you get over the name, the concept of a restaurant that only serves desserts and drinks and is 18+ only sounds like a perfect date night idea to me. I fancy myself a bit of a dessert connoisseur as well. Ok, in reality, I just really like sweets.

My wife and I hadn’t had a date night in almost two months, so we decided to hit the town last weekend for dinner out with no kids. We went out for the “main course” in Winter Park and decided to check out Better Than Sex Dessert Restaurant in Orlando (there’s also one in Key West) afterward. Here are my thoughts on our experience.

Wait, “Better than Sex” is a restaurant?

Better than Sex – A Dessert Restaurant Orlando

1902 N. Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32804
Ph: (407) 761-8949

Better Than Sex Restaurant - Orlando

How is the location and atmpsphere at “Better than Sex” dessert restaurant?

The first two things you notice about any restaurant are the location and atmosphere. We had to make a reservation for our visit, so I had pretty high expectations. Better Than Sex (BTS) is located in the Lake Ivanhoe area of Orlando – one of my favorite, trendy neighborhoods, so that raised the bar even a bit higher.


The outside of Better than Sex is pretty unassuming. There’s a sign above the place, but my wife didn’t even see it. It was dark (obviously), but the curbside view isn’t much to see. There are a few outside tables along the sidewalk and a small window, but most of the “action” happens indoors.

Walking in the front door of BTS, the first thought I had was “Interview With a Vampire“. If you’re too young to have seen that movie, look it up. The restaurant is very dimly lit, has crystal chandeliers over each table, either gold or silver decorated ceiling and very much reminded me of a vampire’s hideout.

Most tables are two-tops, which makes sense because it’s probably a popular date spot. That’s why we were there, after all. The largest tables were a few 4-person tables, so don’t expect to show up with a big group and sit together.

Overall, the atmosphere was just kitschy enough to not be annoying. It was different, intimate, quaint and unassuming – just how I like my restaurants.

How is the parking?

Parking is poor almost everywhere in the Ivanhoe district in “NODO” (north of downtown). Street parking is just about the only parking available, so don’t be afraid to walk a few blocks or park on a side street.

Better Than Sex Dessert Restaurant Review - Orlando FL

…the atmosphere at BTS is just kitchy enough to not be annoying

How is the menu at BTS?

Probably my favorite part of BTS, the menu was quite entertaining. Okay, the dessert items sounded delicious reading them as well, but this is probably the reason for the 18+ rule. All of the dessert descriptions are very suggestive.

You know, to put you in the mood. I opted for the “Cookie Nookie Pie” (more on that below). Here’s the menu description:

You’ll be sure to get some nookie when you spoon up this sweetie. Imagine the inside of a warm chocolate chip cookie being wrapped in a fluffy blanket of flakey pie crust. Inside you’ll find bits of chocolate, pecans & gooey goodness. Served with vanilla bean ball.

See what I mean? The menu descriptions made for good conversation and got us giggling a bit. Not a bad way to start a dessert.

As a chocolate…and cookie, and cake, and general sweets expert, it was difficult to find any fault in the menu. The desserts all sounded fantastic and it was difficult to decide which I wanted. They had something for everyone in the dessert menu.

The drink menu was a bit disappointing, though. We thought the restaurant had a full bar, but actually they only serve beer, wine and a few of their own liqueurs. Don’t go seeking Orlando’s best martini, because you won’t find it at BTS.

Don’t go seeking Orlando’s best martini, because you won’t find it at BTS.

How are the desserts at Better than Sex?

Okay, so to the heart of a dessert restaurant review – the desserts. My wife isn’t much of a dessert person (but drinks – yes please), so she didn’t order one.

I ordered the Cookie Nookie Pie, as I mentioned. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite dessert in the world. Nothing beats a good chocolate chip cookie. Make it into a pie and I’m sold.

I have to say, though, I was a bit underwhelmed by it. It was good, but it wasn’t great. It was way too sweet (I’m confusing myself a little by saying that). Normally there’s no such thing to me, but it really was too rich. It also didn’t really have much “cookie”. It was more chocolate and “ooey gooey” as the menu description indicated. I couldn’t eat the whole thing, which has happened only one other time. I swear.

Given that I’ve only tried one dessert, I would like to return to try something else (i.e.: everything), just to be certain. The other reviews that I’ve seen all rave about the desserts, so I maintain my optimism.

How are the drinks at BTS?

We visited Better Than Sex after eating dinner elsewhere, so we didn’t go to get sloshed. I had one drink – “Cream in my coffee” and my wife had two glasses of wine. Here’s the menu description of my drink:

Cream in my coffee

Master Baker Dani’s handmade Irish Cream served with our sexy spiced coffee in your choice of a caramel, white chocolate, or semi-sweet chocolate rimmed coffee glass.

I opted for a dark chocolate rim on my coffee. The coffee came out separate from the shot of Irish Cream, so I sampled it first. I thoroughly enjoyed the Irish Cream and would buy it by the bottle if I could. I poured it into my coffee and sipped as we enjoyed our conversation and the atmosphere. I was very satisfied with my drink.

My wife had two glasses of “The Yum Yum” with a dark chocolate rim. Here’s the menu description:

The Yum Yum

PromisQous Red Blend rimmed with Belgian Dark Chocolate

Not as entertaining of a description, but my wife enjoyed them, thoroughly, even though she’s not really a chocolate lover.

How is the service at BTS?

The staff was fantastic overall, although we didn’t interact with them all that much. On date night, that’s a good thing. We don’t go out to restaurants to socialize with the servers.

The greeter at the door was polite and had us head to the back of the restaurant where two small bench seats were available for those waiting for a table. The restrooms are back there as well, and the hallways are small, so it felt a bit crowded.

Our server was nice, very knowledgeable of the menu and made suggestions for parings (chocolate + wine or coffee). I imagine BTS is a pretty decent place to work with all the happy, hopped up on wine and sugar patrons.

I don’t have specific plans yet, but I would like to return again in the not-so-distant future.

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