Six Characteristics that make Dadtographers hotter than Dwayne Johnson

We Dadtographers are a seriously under-rated bunch. We dote on our kids and snap photos day in and day out, almost always behind the lens and rarely, if ever, in front of it.

What you may not realize is that there are characteristics of dads that take photos (Dadtographers) that actually make us more sexy than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - who, by the way, was People's Sexiest Man Alive for 2016.

Shall we get started with our pitch?

#1 -Dadtographers are have minds like steal traps.

A detail-oriented dad is a good dad. And us Dadtographers are a detailed bunch. We're used to tweaking the settings on our cameras until we have just the perfect shot.

Parenting is about the details as well, and our photography hobby sets us up for success. The next time you witness a dad taking a photo - even if it's just with his mobile phone, notice the lengths he will go to in order to get the perfect shot. Then be sure to give him a high-five for being such a great dad.

Our attention to detial is second to none.

Do you want to be a Dadtographer?

Real life happens so fast these days. I'm glad that I have my smartphone with me to capture special moments before they pass me by.

In a way, all parents are also photographers. I have 1,257 photos on my mobile phone right now, in fact. I'm sure you take a lot of photos, too.

I've found that photography is a great way to connect with other parents and share stories that matter to us. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

You don't need a fancy camera or exciting lifestyle. You just need to share your story with us. If you'd like to be a contributor to, I'd love to have you! Fill this form out and let's get started!

-Daniel Ruyter

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#2 -Dadtographers are active and outdoorsy. Not, like, in a lumberjack kinda way, though.

Being an active, involved dad is important to us Dadtographers. As dads, we have to get out there and have some fun with our kids.

Yes, and of course take 1,000,000 photos. That goes with the territory. Active parenting is not only fun for kids but sets a great example as well.

You'll stop and wait for us, though, right?

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#3 - Dadtographers are very technically inclined (sorta).

Dadtographers are used to working with pretty technical equipment. Some of our cameras have so many buttons, settings and dials a degree in mechanical engineering is required to use the thing. The photo editing software we use is pretty bad-ass, too.

Parenting can get pretty technical as well - and I'm not just talking about setting up that computer desk from IKEA, either. Having a tech-savvy Dadtographer around the house will come in handy, trust us.

Aperture, ISO, f-stops, macro and micro? We totally got this.

#4 - Dadtographers appreciate a little distance.

Nooooo, we're not helicopter parents. We keep a safe distance and let our kids just be kids. Okay, so many times it's because our telephoto lenses require us to back up to get the shot.

A little distance is good for relationships from time to time and while us Dadtographers do give you the attention you deserve, we aren't always all up in your business 24 x 7.

Ya dig?

TBH, it's mostly because of our telephoto lenses.

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#5 - Dadtographers see the beauty in everyone.

All kidding aside, when you take as many photos as we do, you really start to see stuff for what it is. You see below the surface of your subjects and start to realize beauty is all around you.

When you're a Dadtographer, you savor every moment - both large and small, and you know how important each one really is. Dadtographers are capturing moments that we will never get back and we are very keenly aware of that.

Except you, Zach. That's a face only a mother could love.

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#6 - Oh, we have a sense of humor, too.

Last, but certainly not least, Dadtographers have a great sense of humor. We don't take ourselves, or life, too seriously. We're a self-deprecating bunch and aren't afraid to make fun of ourselves to lighten the mood.

We know there's a time and place to be serious, but we also know that a good belly laugh is great for the soul, too.

Laughing feels good, AMIRITE?
What do you think? Do you know any hot dadtographers? Be sure to send 'em our way!

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