Proof: Your Company Doesn't Care About Digital Marketing

Nov 23, 2014Marketing Strategy


Every CMO says they care about digital marketing and digital media. It’s  the “in” thing right now in marketing. But do they actually care or are they just jumping on the digital bandwagon? A few clues to your company’s real intention when it comes to marketing strategy are below. Is your company serious about digital?

Clue #1 – You don’t have an executive-level digital marketing leader.

Chief Executives and Chief Marketing Officers – this one is for you. If your organization doesn’t have a c-level or director-level position dedicated to digital marketing, then you’re not serious about it. Digital marketing becomes an after-thought when it doesn’t have marketing executive knowledge and backing. If you’re expecting strategic strides in your digital marketing, then seriously consider executive-level leadership or it just won’t happen.

Clue #2 – Digital Marketing doesn’t have its own line item on your budget spreadsheet.

Actually, your digital marketing efforts should have a whole section in your budget. From earned media efforts to paid media buys, web & mobile app development and digital campaigns – if digital marketing falls under the “miscellaneous” category in your budget, then don’t expect great things in 2015 online for your organization.

I found this interesting digital marketing budget calculator that can help give a ball-park estimate on what your budget should be.

Clue #3 – You’ve had only one meeting on digital marketing strategy in the last 6 months.

If you’re only meeting once or twice per year to talk digital marketing strategy as an organization, then you’re not all that serious about it. Marketing in today’s digital age moves quickly, and your organization should be evaluating and measuring your strategy and efforts on a regular basis. Digital strategy isn’t a “set it and forget it” effort. If you’re treating it like it is, then your company doesn’t care about digital.

Clue #4 – Your company doesn’t allow the marketing team to view social media sites.

Your Information Technology (IT) department is concerned about security – I get it. But Marketing’s job is to market. They need to reach the audience on their terms and in their channels. Marketing is less about pushing out messaging and more about having conversations with customers.

If your marketing team is blocked from even viewing one of the biggest marketing mediums in the land (social media), then your company’s priorities may be a little skewed. Subtract a few additional points if marketing has to ask IT for permission to access social media sites (and a few more points if they have to specify which ones).

Clue #5 – No one at your organization is talking about mobile, CRM, content marketing or big data analytics.

These topics are not cutting-edge in digital marketing. They’re what you should be doing now. If no one in your organization is talking about these foundation elements, then your company doesn’t care about digital.

What do you think?

What clues have you seen that show a company is or isn’t serious about digital marketing?

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