#SmarterShot Inbound Marketing Campaign

Digital content creation can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming. The challenge for this project was to create a full inventory of content – photography, social messaging, social imagery and blog posts in order to execute a “boot-strapped” content campaign.

I was able to produce a digital content strategy and all related content for a robust campaign with the goal of engaging users and encouraging participation on owned properties (website) and on social platforms as well. Read below for more on how this was accomplished.

Step 1: Define the content strategy.

The first major challenge was to define the strategy that would drive the creation of the content and ultimately the campaign as well. I produced a strategy document that outlined campaign goals, key performance indicators (KPI), budgets, timeline and a flight plan.

Step 2: Produce digital content assets.

Once the strategy for the campaign was defined, it was time to create the digital content assets for the campaign. The assets would consist of social media promotional imagery for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as a total of five (5) blog posts, scheduled to go live over the course of the one month campaign.

Step 3: Execute, measure and adjust.

With all of the content assets produced, messaging and blog posts scheduled and campaign underway, it was time to measure engagement and adjust as the campaign continued on. This ensured maximized results of targeted KPI (e.g.: social shares, “conversions”, etc).

Project Days

Total Page Views

Social Shares

Organic Impressions

The Content Assets

Social Media Imagery

An entire library of social media imagery was created tailored and optimized for sharing on each social platform. Depicted here is the initial campaign launch imagery created for Facebook. This imagery, combined with clear calls to action, ensured high engagement on social platforms, funneling traffic and conversions to the owned website property.

A total of 12 social images were created, representing one image per platform for each of the 4 weeks of the campaign’s duration. These images were shared across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram staggered on those platforms to ensure maximum organic reach. These images and social messages helped contribute to the nearly 900 social shares that were made during the course of the campaign. All that with a total paid social spend of less than $10.

Dadtography SmarterShot Post

Blog Post Content

In addition to social media imagery and messaging, a series of five blog posts was written as well. The campaign spanned one month, with four weekly challenges. The blog posts included a kick-off post, explaining the campaign and photography challenges, rules, how to enter, how to share and “vote” for images and how the challenge concluded with a winner. The initial post consisted of imagery, calls to action social sharing options and a rules segment.

Four additional blog posts were written and scheduled to go live one per week of the challenge. These blog posts not only introduced the new weekly challenge, but also announced the winner of the previous week and re-generated interest in the challenge as well. Between the initial post and four subsequent weekly posts, the website saw nearly 4,000 page views and 200 social shares.

What were the campaign results?

Over 122,000 organic impressions.

The campaign achieved over 122,000 total impressions across web and social channels without any paid spend. This was all achieved through organic social sharing and “word of mouth”.


12k+ "Owned" Page Views

The social sharing efforts resulted in over 12,000 “owned” page views during the course of the month on the campaign’s target website.


Over 800 social media shares

Over 800 total social shares were achieved across Facebook and Twitter during the course of the campaign month.

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