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As a contributing writer to The Content Standard Blog, my role is to produce high-quality content for a marketing leadership audience focused on digital marketing strategy and marketing transformation topics.

The Challenge

In January of 2016, Skyword decided to re-launch its Content Standard blog. Skyword quickly realized that their blog required expert opinions and perspectives in order to create and maintain a steady stream of readers (and customers) to their content marketing platform. Skyword began enlisting digital experts and influencers in various aspects of digital marketing and freelance content creation. I was asked to contribute as a “Marketing Transformation” expert contributor in conjunction with this re-launch.

The Result

I’ve been writing for Skyword’s Content Standard blog for over six months now. I’ve produced twenty-one articles that have been published on the platform so far, resulting in thousands of social shares and tens of thousands of page views. Contributing for Skyword has helped me grow as a marketing professional and freelance writer alike and I feel like I’m learning something new from both angles with every new piece I create.

Skyword Contributor Profile

Click below to view my contributor profile on the Skyword platform and to read some of the pieces I’ve submitted to The Content Standard blog.

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Content Standard – Success and Growth

I continue to contribute to the Content Standard, producing three blog posts per month for the platform averaging 1,500 words per piece. My contributions have helped Skyword realize record growth in traffic, conversions and revenue. Skyword has decided to extend and even expand the Content Standard program given its success over the past six months.

Daniel Ruyter - Skyword Contributor

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