Sizzors Salon SEO Best Practices Audit

SEO Best Practices Project: Sizzors Salon, Oviedo

The Challenge

Sizzors owner Nancy Marion approached me via a referral. Her website was struggling in organic (SEO) search results. Combined that with changes to the Facebook algorithm and she was losing business. She needed help and she needed it quickly.

The Solution

I quickly engaged with Nancy and the Sizzors website. I uncovered some of their “quick win” SEO and content changes that could help them immediately. I worked with Nancy to audit the website and, in some cases, produce new content that would be more search engine friendly.

Step 1: Identify Quick Wins

I worked quickly to identify quick fixes to improve search engine results almost immediately.

Step 2: Full audit of existing content.

The next step was to do a full inventory of content. That meant diving into the services offered and brand proposition.

Step 3: SEO fine-tuning and social optimization

Once the content was revised and re-written, I optimized meta data and social sharing content for easy sharing.

Project Days


Revenue Gain

New Pages

New Images

The service provided by Daniel Ruyter at Alpha Tree Marketing was the absolute best. Detailed, insightful and always a prompt response to my many (and endless) questions. As a small business owner, high visibility on search engines is crucial to our growth. My listing went from almost non-existent to first-page listings and business has increased dramatically. Additionally, Daniel shared his valuable knowledge with me and has taught me volumes. Thank you Daniel!

Nancy Marion

Owner, SizzorS Salon

What were the results?

Overall Sales Improved By 150%

10x Better Organic SEO

Sizzors Salon was 10x more visible in organic search after the audit and subsequent changes to the website.

Improved Social Engagement

Better, more share-worthy content helped improve Sizzors Salon’s efforts, especially in their Facebook marketing efforts.

Improved Bottom Line

Nancy’s bottom line returned to normal and then some, with month-over-month sales improving by over 50%.

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