Product Photography Project: Weber Grills

This project involves a product photography photo shoot with a Weber Grills 26″ Original Kettle Premium grill model. In this project, I examine what a typical product exchange + flat rate project would cost a brand and what the brand receives in return for the custom photography.

This is an example of custom product photography shot depicting the product being used, but with professional quality results. Custom product photography is absolutely critical if you sell products online. The ability to depict your products being used in a natural environment can be a huge selling point. In this project, I show the Weber Grills 26″ Original Kettle Premium model grill.

Details on the project’s time and cost involved in a shoot similar to this are shown below.

Weber Grills – Original Kettle Premium 26″ Gallery

What’s the ROI of custom photography?

A project like a custom photo shoot for product photography may seem like a substantial investment, but I am able to make these projects affordable for companies of all sizes.

In a product photo shoot like this, I ask for complimentary product and a flat rate of $75 per hour. In exchange, I provide custom product photography based on the quantity you require.

How many photos will be taken?

Typically, I’m able to produce 20 edited photos per hour, so a 1 hour gig would generate 20 edited photos, a 2 hour gig would produce 40 photos, etc. For a small additional charge, I can also provide all photographs taken (unedited) in addition to the edited photos as well. In this example product photo shoot, a total of 58 raw images were produced where 20 were provided as edited photos.


Months of Content


Days to Deliver

Who owns the photos you take?

The brand retains all rights to the photography for unlimited use in any medium. This exchange often allows brands to obtain dozens of high-quality images for a fraction of the cost of a full-scale product photo shoot.

Why do a custom product photo shoot?

Many times, businesses have access to product photography directly from a manufacturer. However, these photos are often very “bland” and don’t necessarily reflect your business or locale. I am able to provide photos of your products in useand even in context with local landmarks if you wish as well. The photos I produce for you are perfect for sharing on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.The dividends from a custom product photo shoot such as this can pay months into the future when it comes to social media, your website and other online and offline uses.

Note: This is an example project only. Weber Grills did not commission me to produce this photography.

Custom Product Photography

I have produced product photography for numerous businesses in central Florida and beyond. Custom product photography is great for use in marketing materials and social media, whether you have an online store or a “brick and mortar” location. Let me assist you in showing the world how great your products are!

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