Photography Case Study: The Indy500

The Challenge

Photographer Daniel Ruyter was tasked with telling the visual story of watching the Indianapolis 500 from the perspective of a fan in the stands. The goal was to obtain high-resolution image assets that would be suitable for use in print, online and on social media. No special access was provided; rather, the story should represent the fan’s perspective during this historic race.

The Solution

In a matter of just a few hours, my partner photographer and I shooting on a Samsung NX1 and NX30 digital cameras, were able to shoot a large quantity of images from the Indy500 race. In all, over 100 edited images of the race, race track and pre and post-race crowds were acquired. These images will be used over the course of the coming year on numerous digital properties and social media channels.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Sporting Event Photography

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