A Photo Shoot with Orlando Blogger @AnnieAtoZ


What a super fun project and awesome person Annie Alvarez was to work with. She had her own project engagement with a large global brand and needed some custom portrait photography done in a hurry. Scroll down and learn more about this great photo project.

Project Overview & Goals

Annie Alvarez and I first met a few years ago at a local Orlando blogging conference called Florida BlogCon. We hit it off almost instantly, but hadn’t really ever collaborated on anything. Until now.

Annie contacted me that she had an awesome client and wanted to do a photo shoot for a project she was working on. She had an idea to go to the ViMi district of Orlando and do some portraits in front of the famous graffiti walls in that area. The challenge? She needed to do it, like ASAP. I was down for a challenge.

So, we met up one afternoon at “golden hour” and snapped a few photos. Annie was a natural and we wrapped the project from start to finish in only about 30 minutes! Have a look at the gallery below. We’re both very pleased with the results!


Edited Photos

Turnaround (Days)

Annie Alvarez Photo Shoot Gallery

Orlando Blogger Photography

I love collaborating with local Orlando bloggers on their photography and creative projects. From fashion bloggers to blog conferences, travel bloggers and beyond, if you have a project and need a capable photographer to help make your project shine, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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