Digital Marketing Project: Hard Knocks Website Design & Build

The Challenge

Hard Knocks aka was on the verge of going national. They were about to open their second Orlando location and were poised to begin franchising stores in multiple states across the mid-Atlantic and South. Hard Knocks needed a new, modern website, so that they could take their regional business to the national level.

The Solution

While the principal and co-founder of Alpha Tree Marketing, I engaged with Hard Knocks to design and build a mobile responsive platform with increased online capabilities. Working with my UX and Design expert, we designed a mobile-responsive website with online booking capabilities, integration with Google Maps to easily navigate to Hard Knocks locations and a WordPress content management system so that updates to the content of the website could be made in-house.

Step 1: Discovery

I first engaged with Hard Knocks to discover what the requirements for their new website would be. I met with the owners and employees to understand their online and offline workflows to ensure their new website would compliment and enhance their business processes. We produced wireframe mock-ups of the site along with design composites before a single line of code was written.

Step 2: Design & Build

Attention to detail was important in this project and we wanted to get it right the first time. We iterated user experience changes while in the wireframe phase to ensure visitors to the new website would be able to efficiently and intuitively accomplish what they came to the website to do. The new website was then built in a custom development environment where Hard Knocks stakeholders could see the progress being made on their new digital home.

Step 3: Deploy and Measure

The new website went live just as the company was about to roll out a new franchising opportunity that would take their local Orlando business to a national scale. Hard Knocks realized double digit organic traffic increases while their online conversion rate still hovers around a remarkable 20%.

Project Days


Traffic Increase

Monthly Bookings

National Locations

What were the results?

Over 10k online bookings per month.

Better Organic SEO

A better website structure and optimized on-page SEO, including geo-tagging and optimized schema markup helped to boost’s organic search traffic by over 150% almost overnight.

Mobile Responsive Optimization

The new was optimized for mobile and tablet devices. This ensures that whether they’re looking to book a party with Hard Knocks or they’re en-route looking for directions, the user’s website experience is always optimized.

Continued Growth

Hard Knocks continues to enjoy growth in their business, with 9 locations now open nationally. Their new website helps to unify those locations under a single, optimized environment.

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