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The Story

I started my dad blogging (ahem) “career” back in 2006 when I started the blog, Memoirs of a Single Dad. It was a therapeutic outlet for me as I exited a marriage and tried to find my way as a single dad. But when I met JenB, I had to give up the single dad blog and move on to the next phase of my blogging life. I decided to launch a new blog at the intersection of being a dad and photography. Dadtography was launched in May, 2015.

The Project

I’ve launched a lot of websites and mobile apps in my career, from zero budget to millions. I wanted to create Dadtography entirely on my own – without help from professional designers or developers. I started by creating a new logo and decided on the WordPress platform for the blog. I chose a theme by StudioPress (af) that would work nicely and started to customize the fuctionality. Below are more details on the custom functionality of the site.

Custom Functionality

When you start building a website, you often have high hopes and aspirations. I wanted to have some cool features, but I didn’t want to do custom development for the site. I had to come up with ways to accomplish what I wanted to do without a lot of code changes. Here are some of the major feature requirements I had for the site and how I implemented them.

Live Instagram Feed

First and foremost, I knew that the #Dadtography hashtag would be extremely important to the “brand”. I wanted an easy way for people to share their own photos using this hashtag and incorporate them into the website. To accomplish this functionality, I downloaded and configured the Instagram Feed WD plugin. The plugin allows for a number of options, including pulling image feeds from accounts or hashtags.


Large, Bold Quotes

A good rule to follow in blogging is to break up your posts with images, quotes, video and other elements. Walls of text just don’t catch and hold the reader’s attention. One way I wanted to do this was with big, bold pull quotes. A pull quote is a large, memorable quote from the post. I accomplished this by creating a simple CSS class that I could “wrap” important text inside. Markup

Optimization is important to me because I know it’s important to search engines. One of the best ways to get noticed is through search, so I used two plugins to help me – WP Review Lite for review post markup and Yoast SEO for general site and post optimization.

Enhanced Sharing

I set out to build a community with Dadtography. The only way that was going happen was to make it as easy as possible to share my content and encourage engagement. I implemented the Mashshare social media sharing plugin and Disqus commenting system to encourage high engagement levels.

Heightened Security

I’ve had one of my sites hacked in the past, and let me tell you – it wasn’t fun. I wanted my Dadtography website to be functional but also as secure as possible, so I deployed a security plugin to scan for threats and moved my login page to a custom location to thwart robot and brute-force attackers.

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