The Titan II is HTC’s newest big boy on the relatively new Windows phone 7 mobile OS. This device was launched at the same time as its main rival, the Nokia Lumia 900.  In the US, it is exclusively issued by AT&T.  The key features for this phone include its 4.7 inch super LCD capacitive touchscreen that has a resolution of 480×800 pixels, a Windows Phone 7.5 OS that can be upgraded to WP 7.8, a 1.5 Ghz CPU and a 16 MP auto focus camera capable of 720p video recording. It comes with an internal storage of 16GB. It is also integrated with popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

HTC Titan II – The Good Stuff

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There are plenty of advantages in using this phone.  First, the screen size is really what draws people’s attention towards it. Having a 4.7 inch screen at your disposal gives you the same kind of experience you have when playing mobile games and when watching a movie in a sharp monitor. The responsiveness of this phone is really overwhelming and can even surpass phones that boast of multi-core processing because Microsoft did a very good job in designing the Windows Phone OS to work seamlessly with the processors. And with current software upgrades, switching from one application to another is a breeze.

HTC Titan II – The Not-So-Good Stuff

If you are a person who has really big hands (and big thumbs!), then this is probably the phone for you. With its big screen display, texting and touching screen buttons accurately will not be a problem since the screen keyboard keys have quite a space in between each of them. The 16 megapixel screen also is currently the cream among current smart phones and this is a big plus among users who like to take high resolution photos using their mobile phones. You won’t have problems with connecting with family and friends because social network messaging is already incorporated into this phone’s OS so there’s technically no need to open a browser or an application to check who’s online on Facebook or Twitter.

A disadvantage though is that compared to other smart phones, this phone might seem a little outdated as others have migrated to having multi-core hardware. Although the OS performs without any hitch on single-core processors, no doubt multi-core phones still attract a very huge market share and this is also possibly one of the reasons why the Titan II is a bit understated. People tend to look at phones that have the best specifications available in the market. Another downside for this phone is its upgradability. According to Microsoft, currently, there are no options for updates to the recently announced Windows Phone 8 for current WP7 devices like the Titan II.

HTC Titan II Overall

Just like any other gadget, the HTC Titan II has its ups and downs.  The device sports a new OS that may need a little more tweaking but considering its infancy, this phone performs really well under current prevailing conditions and technology. Size maybe too big for some but then again it might just be right for others too. One thing is certain though. Surely, with the phone’s performance and specifications along with Microsoft’s advancement for mobile computing, this device is one of the best out there and will surely create a good number of following.  Lastly, all it needs to boost its popularity further is for Microsoft to announce that they are going to upgrade WP7 phones to Windows Phone 8.

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