Photography Tips For Beginners: 8 Reasons Your Camera Should Go Everywhere You Go

How many times have you said, “I wish I had my camera for this?” Yeah, so did we until we changed our habits. It didn’t take us long either.

When you consider that reporters rarely leave home without their camera gear, there has to be a reason. The next time you see a newspaper, take a good look at the photos. Do you see any photos that could not be staged? Yeah! You probably do! Those photos would not have happened if the reporter forgot to pack a camera.

Okay, so maybe you're not a reporter, but you should still think like one at times. With this in mind, here are some photography tips for beginners related to why you should think like a reporter and always take a camera with you wherever you go. We know, that’s a long-winded reason, but it will pay off in a short period of time.

Tip #8 - You May Score Some Photography Gigs

Hey, you didn’t spend all that money on a fancy DSLR camera and lens for nothing, did you? Don’t be surprised the photo-op you're at doesn’t bring you some coin.

It’s not uncommon to encounter a situation where someone will offer to pay you for the photo you just snapped or offer you a freelance photography gig. It’s not only how Peter Parker got started, it allowed him to keep his identity a secret. We’re not suggesting you need a secret identity, but some freelance work could be a nice, unexpected benefit.

We’re not suggesting you need a secret identity, but some freelance work could be a nice, unexpected benefit.

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Tip #7 - You'll Be the Go-To Guy

You’ve seen this. Maybe you were part of the group. A few people are gathered at some venue and suddenly someone wants a photo but there’s no camera. A person nearby has one and is asked to capture the scene.

When you pack your camera with you at all times, you stand a good chance of being the guy who saves the day and gets to shoot the random photo for a group of grateful tourists. It’s a kind gesture on your part and it gives you extra practice.

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Tip #6 - You’ll Pick Up Several Photography Skills

Don’t take having your camera with you at all times as being a curse or that it may cheapen your professional pursuits - because it won’t.

In fact, being able to respond quickly to a photo-op as you walk or drive by a scene will help to hone your skills. You’ll get better at making quick adjustments and you’ll learn how to work without a lot of studio extras. The things you will pick up by shooting at a moment’s notice will become transferrable skills you can use professionally.

...being able to respond quickly to a photo-op as you walk or drive by a scene will help to hone your skills.

Tip #5 - You’ll Get Tons of Practice and Experience

Yup, we are always our own worst critics. You may have looked at the last thousand or so photos you’ve taken and only liked one or two. That’s normal.

But when you take your camera everywhere, you get to use any opportunity to fiddle around with your camera. You’ll be able to shoot anything, anytime and that is how you rack up experience behind the lens.

You’ll discover over time that you will be getting better at certain things and it will be a direct result from shooting, shooting and shooting some more.

Tip #4 - You’ll Meet Other Photographers

Sure, wearing a camera bag over your shoulder is going to be a conversation magnet. You will find yourself in conversations with a lot of different people you encounter. Some of them will be other photographers and where this can work in your favor is to take the opportunity to learn from what they are saying. You may pick up a few great tips along the ways on things to do – and several not to do – just by chatting up another photographer on the street.

...wearing a camera bag over your shoulder is going to be a conversation magnet.

Tip #3 - You’ll Always Be Ready

When was the last time you saw a stunning sunset or a beautiful scene you wanted to capture, but needed to find your camera first? Then, by the time you locate it the moment you were trying to snap disappears?

That’s a clue for you to keep your gear handy as it makes it easier to respond quickly to those once-in-a-lifetime moments that you may never get another shot at.

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Tip #2 - You’ll See Things Differently

The more you look at the world around you through the viewfinder of your camera, the more you will see that same world around you differently.

It may cause you to focus on certain things, notice others that you may not have otherwise seen and take time to pause and enjoy.

You may also find that you prefer a certain type of photography over another. For example, maybe action photos don’t do much for you but macro does. Maybe you find portraits dull but random group shots get your creative juices flowing. You won’t be able to find these things out without spending time with your camera.

Dadtography - Sidewalk Chalk Macro Close-Up

Tip #1 - You’ll Learn More About Your Camera

Could this be any more obvious? We left probably the most important tip for last. The more time you spend with your camera by taking it everywhere you go will show you something that would otherwise take a long time to see.

You will learn more about your camera in a shorter period of time. What this means is that you may find you need more lenses or a different flash. You may also discover the camera you have has limitations so you may upgrade sooner. None of this would happen if you didn’t have your gear with you at all times.

Dadtographer John with his camera at the Indy 500
Dadtographer John with his camera at the Indy 500

Hopefully these photography tips for beginners encourage you to see the value in keeping your camera near regardless of the circumstances. That’s because you never really know what you will see when you turn the next corner or look one way or the other.

Photo opportunities are all around you and once you start snapping them, photography will become a bigger part of your life and view on life.

What do you think? What tips for new photographers do you have? Leave a comment below!

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