Modern Résumé Designs: Not Just for Tech Job Seekers

May 30, 2017Blogging & Content

When I started doing modern résumé designs for friends I realized a serious gap existed in the job-seeking market. I’m still a bit perplexed why some candidates feel “Fancy” résumé designs are only for certain job fields. This post seeks to debunk that myth.


In my “day job” as a healthcare marketing manager, I receive dozens upon dozens of résumés per year. Like most companies, candidates for my open positions far outnumber the quantity of req’s I have available. I have to go through a very painstaking process of eliminating candidates even before I speak to them on the phone or see them in person.

Your first impression is your résumé…

As a job-seeking candidate, your first impression is not when you speak to a manager or see them in person. Your first impression is your résumé in most cases.

More Modern Résumé Designs Are Catching On…Slowly

More modern résumé designs are becoming a bit more common in the market today – but it seems to be limited to certain fields. Tech jobs, those in creative roles and marketing seem to be leading the pack. But why should we assume that only these types of jobs would benefit from a more visually appealing design?

The Story of Mike Brubaker – Heavy Construction and Bridge Superintendent

I’ve known Mike Brubaker for almost two years. We were neighbors after he moved from Ohio to Florida to work on the I-4 Ultimate project in Orlando. In many ways, Mike is probably a stereotypical construction “super”, as they’re called. He’s handy with just about anything mechanical, he’s a super hard worker and he’s more about action than words.

So, when Mike approached me, asking if I would help him with a new résumé design, I was a bit surprised at first. Mike’s a smart guy – he understands how important his résumé is to his career path. As you climb the ranks in an industry like heavy construction, there has to be that “something” that sets you apart. Mike’s project history and work ethic speak for themselves, but having a new résumé will be the edge that sets him apart.

Mike Brubaker – Construction Supervisor Résumé Design

Click any image below to view a larger version.

Michael P Brubaker Resume - 1

Michael P Brubaker Resume – Page 1

Michael P Brubaker Resume - 2

Michael P Brubaker Resume – Page 2

Michael P Brubaker Resume - 3

Michael P Brubaker Resume – Page 3

Michael P Brubaker Resume - 4

Michael P Brubaker Resume – Page 4

Résumé cover photo by Aerial Agents, Cleveland, OH.

I Designed Mike’s New Résumé in About a Week

A résumé’s design should be as unique as the individual it represents. My résumé design process is able to quickly determine what sets you apart as a person and a candidate, so that your most authentic self comes through. Mike called me late in the week and by the following week he had his new résumé in-hand.

For Mike’s résumé, I wanted it to provide more of a connection between him and the reader. You don’t think of the construction business as a touchy-feely industry, but one of Mike’s greatest assets is his personality. Black text on white paper is very sterile; Mike’s new resume needed to reflect more of his personality, because it’s personality that can make a candidate stand out when everyone else appears the same.

My design process with Mike went like this:

  1. Email introductions and process kickoff
  2. Interview question & answer (see below for some example questions)
  3. Résumé concept design
  4. Design iteration and content finalization
  5. Résumé approval and Email delivery
As you climb the ranks in an industry like heavy construction, there has to be that “something” that sets you apart.

Do you need a new résumé Design?

Modern résumé designs aren’t just for designers and executives. If you’re still sending out that boring text document as your first impression, isn’t it time to fix that? I provide unique, affordable résumé designs that will help set yourself apart from other candidates.

Will MIKE’S NEW RÉSUMÉ Really Help Him Further His Career?

Mike didn’t approach me asking for an advanced résumé design that resembled a modern website’s design. Mike knew he needed something to set himself apart – he didn’t know exactly what, though.

When I delivered the finished product to him, he was blown away. He knew that if it made that kind of first impression on him, it would make a similar impression upon those looking to hire as well.

But will his new resume actually help him further his career? Is a new design helpful even in an industry like heavy construction?


Leaders in any industry are expected to stand out and step up. Leaders are asked to do more and are responsible for the success of their teams. If you’re in leadership, or aspiring to be, what impression does a mediocore résumé convey?

The Story Behind the Photo

LaDue Reservoir - Geauga County, Ohio

The featured image on this blog post, and the cover photo used on Mike’s résumé were taken by Aerial Agents, northeast Ohio’s premier aerial photography and videography company. Learn more by visiting

LaDue Reservoir

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