The Makita 18V drill is designed for all drilling jobs; be it heavy duty or light duty, the drill/driver does them all. Gone are the days when one will strap endless cords to reach a working space a feature that sometimes proved futile in case of an exposed section of the cord. Makita’s new product is equipped with numerous specs that keep it ahead of the rest.

Power and Performance

The hammer can deliver up-to 480lbs of torque at any given time with a 2-speed gear assembly. That by all means is more than awesome for a small and lightweight tool as the Makita drill. On the other hand, it gives 290lbs of PTI torque thus can be applied in so many areas. The 2-speed gear ratios provide 0-400 and 0-15000 revolutions per minute. Its compact li-Ion batteries are recharged in less than 15 minutes, which will provide power to run the machine for up-to 75 minutes non-stop.

The efficiency in battery use is due to the fan provided for the batteries to ensure it last long and delivers good results.

Features and Design

It stands tall at 7-9/16 inches in length weighing only 3.3 lbs. thus results in low wrist strain for the user which means longer working hours with the hammer. For any working in dark space, there is a Light-emitting diode (L.E.D) light in cooperated to give the lighting. Talking of comfort; the smoothly designed rubber handles for best grip cuts Makita 18V driver from the rest leaving it as the best in the market. The rubber used is soft as well as providing the good handling conditions.

What’s in the Package?

Makita provides essential accessories with their product and in this case the driver comes with 15-minute effective charger of DC 18 RA so no need to ponder over buying a charger. A tool belt clip is also included to serve the purpose for the drill. To start with, two 18V compact Li-Ion batteries will come with the product mostly a BL1815 type. Last but not least its tool case accompanies it for proper storage and safety considerations.



The awesome power output is one of its strong points plus the comfort it offers the user not to forget the cordless and L.E.D light feature that enables working in tight space.


Over-heating has been reported by a few users but the problem is countered by the fans installed for optimal cooling. Even so, Makita has had some trouble overcoming this problem as well as a systemic flaw reported in their Lithium Ion battery system. It remains to be seen if this problem has been fixed in more recent models, but long-term testing will be required.


Indeed, the Makita 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2″ hammer drill is among the best drills available. The amazing power produced, nice handling and ease of use makes it a must have tool in your workshop.

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