#Dadtography is a new photo blogging platform for dads. #BloggersWanted

May 24, 2015Blogging & Content


Dadtography.com launches as a new social photo sharing community for dads and families.

After many months of work, my latest digital project is live. I’m happy to say that my new community-centric photography website Dadtography.com is now officially in beta!

What is the meaning of this “Dadtography” thing?

It’s a hashtag. It’s also a website. But most importantly, it’s a social photo sharing community for dads and families to share the experiences, emotions and circumstances in their lives. Dadtography.com is a desktop and mobile website that allows you to share photos anywhere. Start conversations with others and share the beauty and challenges in your life. Dadtography.com is absolutely free for everyone to use.

Visit Dadtography.com

How does Dadtography work?

Share a Photo - DadtographyYou can participate the Dadtography discussion in two ways:

On your favorite social media channel simply using the hashtag #Dadtography. Photos shared on Instagram with this hashtag will automagically show up on the Dadtography.com website, right on the front page!

You can also share your own photos using the “Share a Photo” feature. Give the photo a title, a short description (if you’d like) and choose the photo, either from your computer, smart phone or even take a new photo on the spot using your smart phone camera!

Click Here to Share a Photo

Why did you start Dadtography.com?

As a husband, dad & tech blogger, I started Dadtography.com out of a love for being a dad and a affinity for digital photography. I also just wanted to prove to myself that I could launch such a project.

I started posting photos on Instagram, showing what was going on in my life that day. At that very moment. And I wanted to know what was going on in other dads’ lives at that moment too. – Daniel Ruyter

I also just wanted a place to share some of my photography. I wanted my own place to start and engage in conversations. We’re so visual and so time-constrained these days – you can say a lot in a photo. If I’m the only one that ever uses the site, that would be fine with me. But I would really like it if other dads and families use it as well. Go check it out and let me know what you think!

Visit Dadtography.com

What do you think?

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