As we all know, gaming in Smartphones can be quite tough. Those fingers of ours generally tend to overlap half of the screen and tapping the controls – it gets tougher each time! Though motion sensor driven racing games do not pose much hurdle in touch screen gaming, games like action-adventure and endurance games have always been exposed to inappropriate controls usage and similar game play issues. So, while we are on the lookout for a perfect control pad for our Smartphone, iControlPad Ltd has already unveiled its second generation controller. So, let’s check out how cool really is the new iControlPad 2.

The Perfect Controller for Your Smartphone?

iControlPad 2 rolls out as one of the best companions for your Smartphones. The device lets you transform your Smartphone into a handheld gaming device just by establishing a wireless connection. The device can support any gadgets that have Bluetooth connectivity such as tablets, laptops, Ultrabooks, consoles and Smartphones. The controller pad has been designed in such a way that it can be used as a mouse, keyboard and even as a joy pad.

The iControlPad 2 sports a microchip with upgradable firmware, which ensures that any future advancements and upgrades can be easily brought in to this controller. One of the interesting features regarding its battery is that the 1350mAh battery charges itself when connected to the gadget and ensures that it lasts long.

I know- the next query would be on iCade games! Well, to be honest, the ability to play iCade (an Apple accessory that looks like a replica of miniature arcade game cabinet with joysticks and keys. This device can be connected via Bluetooth and be used to play arcade games on iOS) games is its USP. The iControlPad 2 has an iCade emulator program that allows the users to visit the store and play their favorite games and classics without even jail breaking their iGadgets. And, users of Android can find several thousands of Applications in the Android market that are compatible with this device.

iControlPad 2 Design

The controller is designed in such a way that it can hold any Smartphone intact, regardless of its shape, size and make. From the outlook, it resembles an old audio tape with a metallic black finish. The left side of the controller sports the directional keys with traditional keys – X, Y, A,B placed parallel at the right end. The Select and Start buttons are placed amidst the direction keys and traditional keys with the two analog sticks placed in the lower end.

Users willing to play iCade games using their iControlPad2 device need to continually press the buttons – X, Y and the Start. The LED will flash quickly indicating that the iCade mode has been activated successfully. The device will now be in pairing mode that allows you to establish a Bluetooth connection between your iOS device and the controller. Pair both the devices and start playing your preferred iCade games.

Other Notable Features of iControlPad 2

  • Lightweight, small and powerful gaming controller that is compatible with the majority of the devices.
  • Fully Functional Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Compatible gadgets include iOS devices, Samsung Galaxy series and much more
  • Supports over 30 of the classic iCade games without Jailbreak.
  • Upgradable firmware ensures unbiased support towards any upgrades.
  • Built-in batteries with self recharging capabilities
  • Sports two analog joysticks for enhanced gaming experience
  • A solid metal clamp that ensures firm grip when attached to gadgets
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity to Keyboards, joysticks and gamepads.
  • A mini USB port to plug the charger

This controller device sure is promising. Approximately priced at around $80, the iControlPad 2 is sure to stay with the users for the years to come. Credits – Upgradable Firmware! Also, its cross-platform compatibility is sure to satisfy Android and iOS users alike. So grab one of those and get gaming!

This is a guest post by Stuart Ownes of, a site that offers savings and current information on Dish Network Deals, as well as services.

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