Happy Friday!  Friday seems like a good time to vent, especially since it’s a 3-day weekend for some of us.  Blow off that steam before we head into the long weekend!

So let’s talk about online dating pet peeves.  I have a number but my top five eleven (for 2011) are:

  • People that make lists to complain about others. Oh, wait…
  • Spammy copy-pasta Emails from people that clearly haven’t read your profile.
  • Dates that think their sexual advances are welcomed on the first (or second or third) date. Or before!
  • Paying $30 a month to meet someone that you’ll likely spend another $50 only to decide you’re better off as friends.
  • Women that are ok with dating fathers as long as the “kid lives with their mom”. Lame.
  • Fathers that pretend they don’t have children because that’s what they think women want.
  • Hypocritical daters. Short people that only date tall people, overweight people that will only date someone ‘in shape’. Come on.
  • Profiles full of pictures of your (cat/dog/car/motorcycle/boat – IE: not you). Pictures of ‘stuff’ really annoys the shit out of me on an online dating site.
  • People that lie on their profile (height, weight, age, etc) to get the matches they want. Isn’t this kinda starting off on the wrong foot?
  • People that start a rant about a specific experience with a past love interest with the phrase, “Why is it that all (men/women)…?”
  • People that put that they “like to have fun” in their profile. Can’t that just be an understood characteristic and that we all “like to have fun”?
What are your online dating pet peeves?

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