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Oy vey! Every nice Jewish boy or girl has encountered the dreaded dinner in which their elder relatives ask them if they have gotten married yet at least once. The experience is usually ended with the young single stammering and getting acquainted a bottle of Manischewitz. As tired of it as you are, there never seems to be a way to prove to your relatives that you’re at least trying to find a mate. can help keep those awkward conversations at bay. This website is a free dating website for Jewish singles seeking companionship and words of advice.

The Money Aspect

HappyBubbe prides itself in not charging users to use its features. It is a completely free dating website which has its advantages as far as giving more users an opportunity to create account to start looking for dates. Because the website doesn’t charge subscriptions, you have to contend with multiple advertisements. These advertisements aren’t too distracting but there’s no escaping their presence if that’s an issue for you. I didn’t find them overbearing and they were thankfully pertinent to HappyBubbe’s concept.

Profiles and Matches

Creating a profile is as simple as logging in via a Facebook account and filling out the necessary fields. Besides the fields describing your Judaism and how that part of your life affects your search, the rest of the fields are basically the same you would find on any other dating website. The feature that adds points to this website is the personality type tests that allow you to discover your Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and which types are most compatible with you. Studies have shown (The writer of this review has a MA in Communication) that personality type has a significant impact on interpersonal relationships at a subconscious level.

Knowing someone’s personality type helps avoid initial ambiguity. While there are some things about a person that you won’t know for sure until you meet, there’s no doubt that knowing someone’s type is of high value. This feature to what would be otherwise regular profiles greatly adds to the experience.

Sadly my experience with the search engine was troubled. The match search feature follows the usual standards that are almost impossible to screw yet. It was during my time using the search engine that I ran into a problem. Despite being one a standard that is difficult to do improperly, there were issues when I set my searches to my relative geographical area. I kept getting hits from cities that were on the opposite side of the country. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the search engine because all the other fields checked off work normally. It’s a single flaw but it’s one that makes the experience less enjoyable than it would have been otherwise.

Website Usability

I found the website to be very usable aside from the previously mentioned issue with the search engine. My favorite feature by far is the chat function. After connecting with another user, you have the option of having a live chat with them which I think is excellent. I’ve always found live chat to be more fluid and natural than sending messages back and forth so a chat feature that works is a plus for me. The regularly messaging works as well (just remember to set it to alert you that you have new messages via email or you won’t notice it until the messages have been in your inbox for days).

I found the website to be easy to explore overall thanks to everything being clearly marked. The copy was very clean and you could tell that the people who made HappyBubbe were taking their job seriously despite the somewhat humorous tone they took with their “website culture.” It is this juxtaposition that makes this website more enjoyable than it would have otherwise been

Sometimes taking a humorous tone with the topic of dating can become the most endearing feature. What could have otherwise been just another dating website is transferred into an experience that helps us laugh at the process by being good natured about the process. HappyBubbe is a relatively young website but it has a lot of potential for growth. The honest opinion of this website is that on a scale of 1 (dreadfully horrible) to 5 (amazingly wonderful); HappyBubbe gets a 4 out of a possible 5 stars.

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