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In marketing today, it can be difficult to keep up with the content needs of your customers. From website copy and blog posts, case studies and other articles, producing enough content to keep your online funnel pulling in customers is a huge challenge. I provide businesses in the central Florida area with professional freelance writing and content production services including blog writing services, social media content (including imagery) and custom photography services. Together, we can make your online presence work for both you and your customers with new, fresh, engaging & shareable content.

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Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy

Memoirs of a Single Dad

Memoirs of a Single Dad

Orlando Health

Orlando Health

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My goal is to be flexible and accommodating with my freelance writing and blogging plans and pricing. If your needs differ from the options you see below, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs.

Freelance Writing, Blogging & Content Services FAQ

What is "ghost written" content?

A ghost-written piece of content is often written by one author but published under another author’s name. For example, a medical doctor would be considered a subject matter expert (SME), however, a blog post may be written by a 3rd party and reviewed, approved and published under the physician’s name.

Do blogs actually help businesses to sell?

Absolutely they do! Today’s marketing environment is no longer about pushing out your message – the customer now comes looking for those with the information they seek. The company that can provide the best (and easiest to find) answer often wins the patronage of the customer. This is where blog content comes in. Posting blog articles about topics that are relevant to your customer and serve a need for them (for example, answer a question they are asking – “Where’s the best place to eat in Orlando?“) mean that the customer will find you over your competitor.

Is imagery really that important in social media or blogs?

Imagery is very important when it comes to social media and blog content. Facebook studies have shown that posts with a visual element receive nearly 40% more engagement than posts with no image or video. That’s a huge increase and often well worth the cost or effort.

Do you offer SEO services as well?

I do offer SEO auditing and best practices consulting services. However, I do not offer traditional backlinks building or directory submission services. I prefer to engage with clients in content creation and link earning, rather than rote backlink building through non-organic means.

Don't see your question answered?

If you don’t see your question answered above, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Orlando, Florida Freelance Writer for Hire

Orlando, Florida Blogger

I’m based out of southeast Orlando, Florida but I provide freelance writing and blogging services to companies all over the world. I provide content creation for websites, news (online and print), blog writing, social media content and custom photography services at reasonable prices. Contact me today and let’s discuss your specific needs.

Daniel Ruyter - Freelance Writer & Photographer

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