A first date can be completely unnerving, but as long as you “act natural” and “be yourself”, you will soon settle into the swing of things and enjoy your night out.

But for most, it’s not really clear how you prepare for a first date. It’s easy to think of the first date as an interview for the relationship (you are, after all, testing the waters to see if you’re a good fit) but don’t let your interview style take over and turn it into an aggressive job-seekers pitch.

If you’re feeling all nervous and you’re not sure about dating rules, here are five things to avoid on a first date!

Don’t act like you’re in a job interview.

Your first date is not a job interview. It might be tempting to slip into an aggressive self-promotion session of question and answers (that’s the point of a date, isn’t it?) but you could easily scare your date off with your “date style”. The first date is about going with the flow, and about equal amounts of “give” and “take”.Memoirs of a Dating Dad Book Cover

Don’t compulsively check your phone.

Nothing says, “I don’t want to be here” like someone compulsively checking their phone for messages or calls. It might be a way for you to calm down, but it sends a very clear message to your date partner and makes them feel second-best.

Don’t avoid making decisions.

“I don’t know, what do you want to do?” It can get really frustrating when your partner can’t make up their mind about what to order on the menu, what film to see, or what to do after dinner. “I don’t care” is just as bad as “I’m not sure” – don’t make one person do all the work!

Don’t make ALL of the decisions.

On the other hand, don’t try to make all of the decisions. Don’t order your partner’s food for them before they have a chance to look at the menu, and don’t try to dictate the direction of the date before it has even begun!

Don’t ask your date about people you saw on their Facebook page.

It can be creepy and a little “stalker”-y to have your date ask you about things they’ve seen on your Facebook page. We all know that we check up on someone before we meet them, but nobody wants to talk about photos from five years back, or their latest status updates.

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