It is very important that a person feels as comfortable as possible to be themselves on their first date. That said, you must be yourself, which means that you must be smart, intelligent and definitely articulate in the way you talk to your prospective match. There are many “rules” about first dates, but the following are definitely topics I’d avoid:

Talking About Your Ex

Ex talk is a huge no-no. Talking about your ex is a fatal mistake many people make, especially if you haven’t been apart long enough to resume dating again. It’s always better to hold your tongue from speaking about your ex, as there’s really no “win” either way from these types of discussion. You’ll either come off as obsessed or not over your ex or you’ll come off as uncaring or mean.

Your Financial Status

Memoirs of a Dating Dad Book CoverTalking about your finances, at least in anything other than generalities, is another serious no-no topic. If you’re doing great financially, then thank your stars for it but don’t brag about it, especially when you’re on your first date. Vice-versa, if you’re struggling financially, there’s no need to advertise that as well. You don’t want to be evaluated by your bank balance or whether or not you’re financially sound, as these may not be as important as other factors to your date. Don’t lie about your financial situation but don’t let it be your leading topic, either.

Your “Snookems” or “Pookie” (Pet Names)

Nothing can be more irritating and mind-numbingly boring than to be subjected to your droning on and on about your interest and obsession for your pet. You might head over heels in love with your pet but sharing your uncontainable joy to your match while on a first date is a no-no. Sure, you can talk about pets and sharing an interest in animals can be a great way to bond, but showing your obsession over “pookie” or your “snookems” may drive people away.

Physical … Um … “Problems”

Yes, I mean those kind of problems, too. But we’re talking about your run-of-the-mill headaches and other aches and pains. If you think your date will be interested to know about that acute headache or backache that you keep suffering from, then you’re mistaken. A first date is definitely not the context or time to share these kind of complaints. This will only reveal the fact that you’re a person who revels in being shown sympathy and you may come off as just being a complainer.

Your Latest Diet Craze

One’s fitness level (or lack thereof) can be another important characteristic to have in common with a date. But, you should have more in common than your current obsession with the Paleo diet. You may be obsessed with nutrition and exercise, but you have to show some depth. If you come off as one-track minded, your date may feel there would be nothing to talk about on a second date.

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