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Imagine that you’re in the gym trying your hardest to get through another set. The strain is so hard that you don’t think you can handle anymore. That’s when your significant other comes to your aid and encourages you to keep going. The encouragement is enough for you to give it your all and finish out the set. Fitness Singles is not just any website. It’s that website for those who realize that they need to push themselves to limit to fully embrace everything that life has to offer.

The Money Aspect

Memoirs of a Dating Dad Book CoverCreating an account is free of charge. Without spending any money, you are able to view other profiles and see who looked at you. That’s about as far as a free account will get you. You will need to pay a subscription to do anything beyond that (i.e. respond to messages and talk on instant message). Subscriptions come at three cost brackets: $14.95/month for a six month package ($90); $19.95.month for a three month package ($60) or a single month for $34.95. Without a doubt the six month package is clearly the best deal out of all of these plans.

Profiles and Matches

The profile creation process starts much like it would with any other website at first. You create and username and password before the real fun begins. Because this is a website dedicated to connecting fitness-minded singles, there is a heavy emphasis on fitness activities. The first page has a long list of your favorite fitness activities (ranging from hiking to weight lifting and everything in between) for you check off. The next part asks for your build and lifestyle choices. From there you merely need to write a short blurb about yourself and post a picture before your profile heads to review. Every account is reviewed by a staff member before it’s allowed to go live to minimize fraudulent profile. This process took less than 24-hours before I was off and running.

The search engine is quite simple. I couldn’t find any fields to customize my searches beyond location and gender. This was a pity because with all of the different activities checked off during profile creation; it wouldn’t have been that hard to add another field to narrow the search down properly. I saw a handful of matches in my general region but I’m not sure what kind of criteria was used to determine them.

Website Usability

I found the website itself to work well overall. All of the different tabs went to the sections that they were supposed to go to. Although there were advertisements, all of them were thankfully related in some way to fitness. It’s very clear to me that Fitness Singles is a well-crafted website but I can’t speak on how well the instant messaging system works at this time due to not having access to that feature with my account. What I can tell however is that the support staff of this website take their jobs seriously in order to make sure that the website is always working properly so that the experience is as enjoyable as possible. The things that didn’t work out well for them are issues that could be easily resolved if given proper feedback.

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