Dadtography Family Travel: Is Nassau Bahamas Safe for Families?

After a recent family cruise to the Caribbean, my family and I decided to spend some time in Nassau, Bahamas. This was our second visit to the island town in less than a year and helped me to form my first-hand opinion on whether Nassau is safe, especially for American visitors. Is Nassau safe? The short answer: Yes, but be sure to read our tips before you visit.

Is Nassau safe?

The short answer: Yes, but be sure to read our tips before you visit.

As a Florida family, traveling to the Bahamas is almost second nature. The Bahamas are just a short flight or boat ride away from the east coast of our state. Floridians travel to the Bahamas every day without any issue.

My family and I recently went on a last-minute cruise that had a port stop in Nassau, Bahamas. It was just last week, and I haven't even finished editing our photos yet. We were hoping to escape the stresses that Hurricane Irma brought to our state for a few days in an island paradise.

However, most recently the storm and in the past, crime have prompted officials to initiate travel advisories for the Bahamas and Nassau in particular. It was even announced on our cruise ship that visitors to the island should take special precautions on the island.

That begs the question: "Is Nassau safe?"

We love exploring as a family, but when it comes to safety, we don't mess around. In cruise ship destinations, the port is usually very safe, but the surrounding town may be risky.

Below are our top tips for visiting Nassau if you plan to leave the cruise port, airport or the area surrounding the Atlantis Paradise Island resort.

Below are our top tips for visiting Nassau if you plan to explore outside the port or Atlantis.

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Nassau Safety Family Travel Tip #1: Have a Plan

Really, this goes for any unfamiliar place you visit - you should have a plan. If you wander around an unfamiliar city or town looking like you're lost, "not from around those parts" or generally an easy target then guess what? You'll probably become a target!

When traveling in Nassau, the less you look like a lost tourist the better. Know where you're going, how to get there, what direction you're going and how to get back.

An ounce of preparation before you arrive in Nassau will go along way to protecting your family's safety.

Nassau Family Travel - Nassau Traffic Officer
Nassau Family Travel - Nassau Traffic Officer

Nassau Safety Family Travel Tip #2: Practice Saying "No"

This aspect of traveling really bothers my wife, but it's inevitable as well. When you travel to places like Nassau, you will be approached by people trying to sell you stuff. Expect that it will happen.

Remember, these are people trying to make their living. There's no need to be rude, but it's also perfectly okay to say, "no thank you" to them as well. The less time you spend fending off vendors trying to sell you stuff, the more time you'll have to spend enjoying with your family on the island.

Nassau Safety Family Travel Tip #3: Moderate (or Avoid) Alcohol Consumption

One of the easiest ways to get yourself into trouble in an unfamiliar country is to introduce alcohol into the equation.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not a dud. I know you went on vacation to have fun. But when you consider you probably look like tourist, which makes you a target, if you're also inebriated you're not only more of a target, but you're an easier target, too!

Don't make yourself an easy target by lowering your guard through alcohol. At a minimum, make sure that at least one capable person in your party is a designated sober chaperone for the group. That way, if the rest of the group enjoys a few beverages, at least one person is able to help get the group back to safety if necessary. Better still, limit everyone's consumption to just a few drinks and stay (mostly) sober and aware of your surroundings.

Nassau Family Travel - Leader of the Opposition Offices

Nassau Safety Family Travel Tip #4: Credit or Travelers Check?

The safest way to travel to a place like Nassau is to avoid carrying cash. Credit cards or travelers checks are far safer than traveling with a wad of bills. Every time you open your purse or wallet to pay, someone will notice your money and you become a target.

Traveling with travelers checks or using credit cards isn't without risk, but it's a lot easier to replace credit cards or travelers checks than it is to replace cash. Thieves know this and so should you!

Nassau Safety Family Travel Tip #5: Strength in Numbers

My final travel tip for visiting Nassau is essentially to stick together. If you're in a group, you're going to be a lot safer than if you're walking around town alone!

Don't split up your group, even if you have diverging interests. If you do happen to find yourself alone, buddy up with other visitors, or at least act like you're with them.

Isolating yourself on a trip to Nassau opens you up for becoming a target. Avoid situations like this altogether to stay safe in Nassau.

Nassau Family Travel - Nassau Intersection with Traffic Officer
What do you think - is Nassau safe for tourists? Do you any additional tips for families traveling to Nassau or other parts of the Bahamas?

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