Family Travel: Caribe Royale Orlando Hotel Review by a Local Resident

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An Intro to the Caribe Royale

As a resident of the city of Orlando, I have to fully admit that we are a spoiled group of travelers here. Not only do we have world-class theme parks, but we have such a wide variety of hotels available as well.

One of the things my family enjoys doing a few times a year is to take a "staycation". We live about 45 minutes from the front gates of Walt Disney World, give or take, so it's not a far drive at all. But we enjoy staying out in the area of the theme parks and acting like tourists just so that we can feel like we traveled - even if it was only an hour from home.

We had the opportunity to stay at the Caribe Royale All-Suite Hotel & Convention Center not long ago, and we wanted to provide our thoughts on this popular Orlando hotel.

Caribe Royale Orlando
8101 World Center Dr
Orlando, FL 32821

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The Hotel Lobby & Entrance

Let me start out with first impressions of the Caribe Royale Hotel. First impressions of this hotel, including the front driveway, hotel lobby and entrance are really pretty good. It's a self-described "luxury" hotel and the first impression I received seems to reinforce that idea.

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The lobby and entrance both give the impression of a massive hotel, and that's pretty on-point as well. You walk in the front door and the check-in desk is just to your left. In front of you is the open expanse of the main lobby of the hotel, including stairs that lead downward toward the main pool area, and what I would call a very large courtyard between the multiple "towers" that house the guest rooms.

Caribe Royale Hotel Front Entrance

The Hotel Grounds & Pool

The hotel grounds and pool(s) are really the best part of this resort. The grounds are immaculately maintained all around. You can tell great care is put into maintaining the grass, trees and shrubbery. All sidewalks and paths were well-maintained and I didn't notice a single stone out of place on the exterior of this hotel.

If you're looking for a hotel that provides an up-scale, Caribbean paradise feel only a few miles from Walt Disney World, the Caribe Royale is one you should definitely consider.

Caribe Royal Hotel Pool Waterfall

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Restaurants Inside the Hotel

There are a number of food and dining options inside the Caribe Royal, but really only two main sit-down restaurants.

#1 - The Tropicale at Caribe Royale

The Tropicale is Caribe Royale's full-service, casual dining option, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Tropicale is likely your go-to choice for eating inside the resort. From the Caribe Royale website:

Tropicale is a full-service, casual restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner daily with children's menu available.  Don't miss out on the popular breakfast buffet complete with made-to-order omelet station.

While the Tropicale is convenient for those staying in the hotel, it won't really "wow" you with the service or food quality. I'd give it a try if you need something after a long day at the pool, but be sure to check out other options in the area as well.

#2 - The Venetian Chop House at Caribe Royale

The Caribe Royale is somewhat known for its Venetian Chop House restaurant. This is Caribe's high-end dining offering, and is often booked well in advance, so if you plan on dining here, be sure to book your reservation in advance of your stay.

From the Caribe Royale website:

An epicurean's delight featuring contemporary cuisine including signature steaks, chops and fresh seafood.  Enjoy an exceptional wine list and reserve wine selections.  The Venetian Chop House is located on the lower level of the Reception Building.  Reservations are recommended.

While very good - in food quality and service, I'm not sure the Venetian Chop House is worth the premium price. Don't get me wrong, you likely won't be disappointed, however, I felt that a similar experience could have been had at a Ruth's Chris or similar steakhouse restaurant, but for less money.

I do hope to get the opportunity to try the Venetian Chop House again, if nothing else to see if my first experience can be improved upon.

Hotel Room Quality at the Caribe Royale

This is the one area that I would provide the Caribe with less than excellent marks on. The Caribe recently remodeled many of its guest suites (remember - it's an all-suite hotel). Perhaps the room we received was one that just hadn't been remodeled yet; I'm not sure.

The room wasn't terrible, it just felt a bit old. The metal painted doorjambs and general lack of "touch" on decor didn't really live up to the "luxury hotel" label. The carpet in many areas desperately needed replacing as well. It looked as though it had out-lived its purpose the year before.

If you're the kind that doesn't spend a lot of time in your room when you travel anyway, then you may not notice or care about some of the issues at Caribe Royale. If you're a guest room snob (like me) then you may be a bit disappointed in this particular aspect.

Service at the Caribe Royale Orlando

The service at the Caribe overall was very good. We were greeted nicely at the front desk (although, the person selling theme park tickets was a bit pushy), our service in the pool area was good, our room service was excellent and service in the restaurant was fantastic as well.

I'd say I'd give the hotel overall strong ratings on staff and service, but I'd also say there's room for improvement if the hotel truly wants to be known as a luxury hotel experience, on par with a comparable offering from Westin, Four Seasons, Waldorf Astoria or similar high-end hotel.

Final Review on the Caribe Royale

Overall, we had a great experience during our staycation at this hotel. It is definitely one of the nicer hotel options in the area of the theme parks, especially when you consider the price.

The hotel bills itself as a "luxury" hotel, and I do think it's very nice, but I'm not sure about the use of the term "luxury". I've stayed at far worse hotels, but I wouldn't call the Caribe high-end just yet.

I highly recommend this hotel as a family travel option for those visiting Orlando and especially if you're going to Walt Disney World during your stay.

I've stayed at far worse hotels, but I wouldn't call the Caribe high-end...

Caribe Royale Orlando Photo Gallery

Have you stayed at the Caribe Royal Orlando Hotel? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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