Photo editing for parents: Edit awesome photos in less than 1 minute with Luminar's artificial intelligence filter.

We love trying new things here at, and today we're going to do something a little different.

This is our first photo editing screen share demo using the Luminar Neptune photo editing app for Mac.

Watch our video as we show you how to use Luminar's new Accent AI feature to edit awesome photos in under a minute!

Click here or click the video thumbnail to view our video or you can scroll down for the full video transcript.

Luminar 2018:photo editing.

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Luminar Neptune Accent AI Demo Video Transcript

Hi everyone, I am Daniel, founder of and this is our first screen share demo video. Hopefully the first of many.

Today I'm going to show you, in about 60 seconds, how I use the Luminar Neptune (af) photo editing app artificial intelligence feature to edit my photos in just a few clicks. I've had a really good experience with this app and with this feature. I probably shouldn't be showing you how I get some of these photos to look the way they do in just a couple seconds, but, I think you'll see the power of this app.

So, I'm going to switch over to the editor. This is a photo I took with my mobile phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7. Obviously taken out the window of an airplane over the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

To add the Accent AI filter, all you have to do is click "Add Filter", choose "Accent AI Filter" and it gives you this boost slider.

A lot of the filters (in Neptune) have this boost slider where you can apply more or less of a filter.

You just click and drag and gradually add more. We'll do about 75 on a scale of 100.

You can see that the detail in the mountains really came out.

We can show a before and after using this feature. It allows you to see the before and after on various parts of the image.

I really like this (Accent AI) feature. As you can see, it took about 30 seconds for me to add the filter, apply it - all I would have to do now is export it as a jpeg and I've got a high-resolution, fully-edited photo in under a minute. (I) can't say enough about this feature. Give it a try. They have a free (15 day) trial period.

Check out for more information. Be sure to share your photos on Instagram using (hashtag) #Dadtography.

Thanks, have a good day!

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