Dadtography Presents: Did you know downtown Orlando is not Disney World? Here's video proof we have a "real" downtown.

Downtown Orlando is one sight that many who visit the area don't know to see. Sure, they visit Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World, thinking that those attractions are the "center" of town. Well, they are not. Not even close. Don't get me wrong - those attractions are all fantastic (I, myself, am a Disney pass-holder), but there's a lot more to Orlando than just the theme parks.

I wanted to do my first video project on something that I was passionate about and yet, a relatively simple subject matter. I wanted to put my Samsung NX1 and NX500 cameras to use with their 4k video capabilities and try my hand at putting together.

I thought it was important for people to know that a whole new world existed in Orlando outside of the theme parks that was worth exploring.

I thought it was important for people to know that a whole new world existed in Orlando that was worth exploring outside of the theme parks.

[bctt tweet="Dear #Orlando visitors: #ThemeParks are great, experience more of our city on your next visit by visiting our downtown!"]

My Expedition of Downtown Orlando

I wanted to tell the story of downtown, so I decided that I needed to get a few shots that represented downtown, including the "city" feel around Orange Avenue, Lake Eola Park and any sights in between.

I wanted to get all of my shots in less than 3 hours so that I could be wrapped up before the afternoon heat (and showers) set in.

I started my shoot around 8:30am by parking near Lake Eola in the Fifth Third Bank parking lot ( point "A" on the map shown here).

An exploration of downtown Orlando...

Next stop, the Disney Amphitheater band shell (not to be confused with Walt Disney World).

I continued around the lake's south west side to the Disney Amphitheater band shell (point "D" on the map). From there, I turned toward the "city" portion of downtown, heading west on East Washington Street where I stopped to take a few shots of the BBVA Compass building (point "E" on the map) and a video as well.

I walked past Beth's Burger Bar (I've met Beth - nice lady) and Gringos Locos on my way deeper into downtown.

From there, I continue down East Washington Street, to North Orange Avenue where I turn north and make a stop at the Region's Bank building (point "F" on the map). The combination of the sun and the fountain made for some great photos and videos at that spot!

Skyscrapers? Maybe not, but they're still ours.

Past the Regions bank building and more exploring to do.

I walked one block north on Orange Avenue, where I turned west on to W. Jefferson Street, past the Orlando Police location and across the rail road tracks. I turn south and walk two blocks down "Gertrude's Walk" just on the west side of the rail road tracks.

I snap a few photos along the way and stop to take the shot that will become the introduction to my video (point "H" on the map) near the Downtown Orlando Fire Station.

I make my way back east, passing a number of interesting spots including EmberDowntown Pour HouseThe Attic and The Basement, all on my way eventually back past the World of Beer and to the Farmer's Market (point "J" on the map).

Geek out with me - A little more about how I made the video.

All of the photos and videos were shot with my Samsung NX1 and NX500 cameras. I didn't use tripods or gimbals to stabilize the shot. They were very much "on the go" as I walked around downtown Orlando - definitely a lesson I learned there!

As far as editing the video goes, incremental changes were key in assembling what would eventually become the final product for this video. I was trying out a new application - Wondershare Filmora video editor, for the first time.

I don't have a lot of experience editing video, so I needed something that was simple, but could still make relatively "polished" looking videos. Overall, I'd say I'm satisfied with Wondershare, however, I was disappointed to learn that the Mac version (6.01) won't output in a resolution higher than 1920 x 1080, so I'll have to wait for 4k support for now, or switch products.

The song I used in the video is called Birdseye House by Marmoset. I wanted something lively but not annoying and I think this instrumental was exactly what I needed.

So what do you think? How did my videos turn out? Did you know that Orlando has a real downtown? Do you have any advice for my next video? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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