2019 Westbound Transatlantic (WBTA) Disney Cruise Aboard the Disney magic

In September of 2019, before all of the COVID-19 craziness happened, my family and I were able to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip aboard the Disney Magic. We did our very first (hopefully not our last) “repositioning cruise” from Dover, England to New York City, NY, USA.

Join us each day on this 14-day adventure that took us across the Atlantic Ocean and back!

Days 1 & 2 – Travel from Orlando (MCO) to London (Gatwick)

Join us on this awesome adventure as we leave from Orlando, FL and head to England for the first time in our lives!

We catch a “redeye” direct flight from Orlando (MCO) to London Gatwick (LGW). The flight was approximately 9 hours and none of us really slept because we were just too excited!

Luckily, we sat next to some wonderful people on the flight and we got to see some pretty awesome sights as we were leaving Orlando and as we arrived in the UK.

Day 3 – Salisbury, England & Stonehenge

After a bit of sleep, and some time to get our bearings (by hitting up a pub, of course), our first full day of sightseeing just had to be to the famous Stonehenge site right outside of Salisbury, England.

Join us in this adventurous day as we hop on a train (mind the gap) from the outskirts of London to Salisbury, and then from the town to the historic ruins.


Day 4 – Salisbury City Center & a Train Ride to Dover, England

We spend a bit more time enjoying the quaint town of Salisbury by exploring the town on foot.

Come along with us as we criss-cross the town, visiting the shopping district, historic cathedrals and the old city center.

We left Salisbury, England totally in love and we think you will too!


Day 5, Part 1 – Dover Castle

We had a few hours before we were scheduled to board the Disney Magic in Dover, England, so we decided to visit the historic Dover Castle.

We only spent a few hours but you could easily spend a full day at this wonderful castle and grounds. The views are amazing, including the Cliffs of Dover and the Port of Dover where we could see the Disney Magic waiting for us.

Take a step back in time with us as we roam Dover Castle before heading to board our ship!

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Day 5, Part 2 – Boarding the Disney Magic in Dover, England

Okay, I know this is the video you’ve all be waiting for and it’s 100% my favorite from the trip as well.

Come along with my family and I as we head to the port in Dover and board the Disney Magic cruise ship for our very first transatlantic cruise.

Soak in all the Disney vibes, from the terminal to stepping foot on the ship for the first time. Oh, and don’t forget the welcome announcement!


Day 6 – Portland, England

Our first port of call aboard the Disney Magic on our WBTA cruise was the port of Portland.

Can I say “port” any more times?

Talk about historic English charm, we just loved our first stop on the cruise where we got to see another historic castle (Portland Castle, of course) and roam this coastal town a bit before re-boarding the Disney Magic for our next stop.


Day 7 – Nothe Fort & Weymouth, England

Stop number two on our WBTA was the town of Weymouth, England on the south coast.

This was another lovely town where we visited Nothe Fort and explored the town of Weymouth.

If this town doesn’t just ooze charm, I don’t know what does. I could definitely visit Weymouth again!


Day 8, Part 1 – Early Morning Arrival in Cork, Ireland

Cork, Ireland was probably the most anticipated stop on our Disney WBTA cruise and it sure didn’t disappoint!

Come along as we arrive in this beautiful port in the wee hours of the morning, just as the sun is rising.

Then continue along as we hop on a bus and explore Cork, Ireland on foot for a full day of exploring!


Day 8, Part 2 – Exploring Cork, Ireland City & Gaol (Jail)

Our stop in Cork, Ireland was just so full of wonderful sights, I had to break it up into multiple videos.

During our exploration, we happened upon the historic Cork city Gaol (or jail).

Join us on a walking tour of this interesting and unique sight in Cork!

Day 8, Part 3 – Leaving Cork, Ireland at Sunset

Who needs some sunset Ireland vibes? Well, if you do you’ve come to the right place!

In our last video from our visit to Cork, Ireland aboard the Disney Magic, we sail away from Cork and Ireland as we head to our next port-of-call.

You won’t believe how beautiful this port city looks at sunset in 4k!

Days 9 Through 14 – Days at Sea

Unfortunately, our Disney Magic WBTA hit a bit of a snag. We had to re-route due to Hurricane Dorian coming a little too close for comfort. Re-routing meant that we had to skip our ports of call in Canada, which was a huge bummer! Our adventure definitely isn’t over, though. You won’t want to miss the views of NYC below!

Special Day at Sea – Birthday Dinner at Palo

But first, I was fortunate enough to take this trip during my birthday, and what better way to celebrate any special occasion while aboard the Disney Magic than a trip to Palo?

Now, if you’ve never been, Palo is the Magic’s “upscale” restaurant that is not included in the cost of the cruise.

We booked our reservation and couldn’t wait to check out Palo to celebrate my birthday!

So, won’t you come along and be our guest?


Day 15 – Sunrise Arrival in New York City

Oh man, what a way to end a 14-day trip and a 10-night Disney WBTA cruise than in New York City?!

And let me tell you, our sunrise arrival in NYC will not disappoint.

I was awake before sunrise just so that I could capture our arrival in 4K as we pass under the Verrazano bridge, sail past the Statue of Liberty and see the breathtaking views of Manhattan at sunrise. You can’t miss this video!


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