The DCD760KL drill is, no doubt, a drill of choice when it comes to professional drilling jobs. Its cordless feature gives it a cutting edge since it provides the drill with the power of flexibility. Reliability is what defines the DeWalt product name, coupled with its power that is so efficient; one would say that it is one of the more forward-thinking tools in its class. To enhance the flexibility, the drill is lightweight making it one handy tool to use anywhere by professionals and the occasional armchair handyman alike.


DCD760KL has an optimized performance enhanced by the double speed range of 0 to 500 and 0 to 1700 revolutions per minute. It uses the DC9181 compact Li-ion batteries to power the 18V drill with outstanding power duration. The LED light, fitted in order to provide lighting in confined locations, proves an efficient enhancement to the machine boosting overall effectiveness and performance of the drill.

To enhance the speed setting of 2, it is equipped with a clutch configuration of 17 with a ½ inch chuck. All the features of the drill demand a power of 350 UWO, which is relatively less power for the significant performance.

Build Quality

The powerful machine is only 4.0lbs, a design that is tailored to achieve lightweight as well as awesome power able to deliver beyond expectations. The machine is sleek with incredible size of 8.2 inches to enable workings in narrow and tight spaces therefore, suitable for all open and closed working conditions.

Most parts of the driver’s casing are strong plastic with handle enhanced with rubber to increase grip thus translating to safety for the user.

Notable Features

DCD760KL is packaged with a charger that is able to fill the batteries in a short duration of less than 30 minutes. A kit box is also provided with the tool with cushions for shock absorption thus ensuring the safety of the machine in case of shocks. To start with, two compact Li-ion batteries providing 18V are included to last for approximately 300 charge-recharge circles.



The low weight of the drill plus its efficient power use and the small size really distinguishes it from the rest. The power it gives and its performance seals the deal for the DCD760KL.


The product is mostly used for light duty jobs hence the leaves out other customers who might want to engage in much heavy work.

Conclusion ñ No doubt the DCD760KL driver performs beyond the obvious and never disappoints going by the numerous customer reviews received.

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